My Year In The Rear

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!  I’m sure you didn’t miss me.  But I missed you.  I felt like Ben Afleck on Pearl Harbor.  I was afraid you’d find a new blogger to fall in love with.  Thanks for coming back though.  I’ll help you raise your Josh Hartnett love-child.

The end of the year is always fun for reflection.  It’s great to look in the rear view mirror at the damage you’ve left behind.  I decided to come up with a top ten seven list.  It’s mainly for myself, so you can skip it if you’re like.  Here we go, one more time, everybody feelin’ fine.

Most Procrastinated Project of 2012:  Basement Nook
(Still not done.)

It was the first project of 2012.  We started it on New Year’s Eve day.  We go in spurts of working on it.  It’s bad, because it’s not in our face the whole time.  It’s easy to forget about.  But we truly are SO CLOSE to being finished.  And we’ve been saying that for months now.  I’m the blogger who cried “nook.”  *the shame*  Check out the latest nook update


Biggest Waist of Time of 2012: The Dining Room

I did learn how to stencil a wall.  So that was good.  But, I hate it.  And it sticks out.  It doesn’t blend with the rest of Green Meadow Manor.  It will be changed in 2013.


Most Useful Project of 2012: How To Paint Without Sanding

I found a good primer, is all.


First Project To Be Featured of 2012:  Restoration Hardware Knock Off Map

Who knew modge podging some paper on a board, and plucking peices of my fence would put me on the map. (See what I did there?)

DIY Old Map frame in reclaimed wood

My Personal Favorite of 2012:  RH Versailles Inspired Chair

Thrift store chair turned bossy chair.

upholster - chair makeover - restoration hardware versailles chair hack

Most Comical Post of 2012:  Cuz She’s so HIGH!

My “Peyote Tent.”

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

  The Grand Prize Winner of 2012:  Faux Moulding & Headboard

faux moulding #how to paint faux moulding

I’m looking forward to 2013.  I’ve got some tricks (illusions, Michael) up my tool box for the new year.  I am really excited to share them with you, my internet friends.

What is your favorite 2012 moment?

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  • woooo 2012! Can’t wait to see the house awesomeness that 2013 will bring!

  • Aww, I think your stenciled dining room is cute. I’m sure whatever you do next will be even better.

    • Thanks Tracie! I do like the dining room… it just doesn’t flow. I’m actually going to have a plan this time!

  • A productive year! I thought your dining room stencil was wallpaper….I think this must mean you did a great job on the stencil. I think you should slowly dismantle the rest of your fence over 2013 and fill your whole house with upcycled wood projects ;-). You could replace each picket you take down with a new one, and eventually you will have painlessly rebuilt the whole fence!

    • Haha, that’s kind of the direction we are moving in! Sometimes I think my neighbors think I’m crazy! They see me out there carefully examining my fence for the best peices of wood… then trying to pull them out without hurting them… then leaving a gap for a couple days. At lease the Internet understands me 😉

  • These are all great projects, but can’t wait to see the basement all done. I bet if someone offers you $5,000 to finish that room in two wks you would. Too bad I don’t have 5k. LOL, Happy New Year’s Kenz!


    • Haha, I would do pretty much ANYTHING for an extra 5k 🙂 We were planning on finishing it over Christmas break, then the plague struck our household. Fingers crossed that we feel good enough this weekend 🙂 Happy New Year Vanessa 🙂

  • Just to let you know I did miss you! I love to read your blogs (as you well know) Thanks for the update! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

    • Aunt Becky, you are a gem. I don’t know what I’d do without my head cheerleader. Thanks for checking in! LOVE YOU!

  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I did miss seeing your name every day. You had a rockstar year and I’m sure next year is going to be even bigger.

  • eranfaraway

    You have been so productive! The dining room wasn’t a waste of time, you learned a new skill and, more importantly, learned what you don’t like. I agree with your assessment of it as it fits into your home but not as an experience. If some paint is your worst design mistake I think you wound up relatively unscathed! Great work! Also, I missed you and happy new year!

    • Erin, you always know the right things to make me feel better. This is why we’re friends. You are definitely right, that it wasn’t the biggest waste of time. Happy new year to you also!

  • Jen

    Definitely in agreement with the most comical post. That’s the post that first brought me to your awesome blog and I can’t wait to see the basement nook finished. Here’s to 2013!

    • haha, oh geez… I’m only grateful I can laugh at myself. Or else I’d be living in a world of major embarrassment. I can’t wait for the basement nook to be finished too. Yay 2013!

  • Tonya Hamilton

    I absolutely adore that you got that Arrested Development quote in there. My husband and I always say “illusions, Michael!” after anyone says the word trick. Love. And also, you’ve been way more productive than we’ve been this year, so nicely done!

    • haha! Tonya, thanks for noticing! “A trick is something a whore does for money… or candy…” Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Inspire Me Heather

    You’ve done so much and your home looks great! All the best for a fabulous 2013!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Heather! What’s the link to your blog? I’d love to check it out 🙂

  • I love your bedroom. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I actually think I need it. Moving in as soon as possible!