Knock Knock {DIY Hall Tree}

Who’s There?  


Today’s strutting comes from Kiersti in Riverton, Utah.  She’s so boss.  I’ve known Kiersti for a long time.  We lived in the same neighborhood for awhile when I was growing up.  She was supposed to be my youth leader when I was a teenager, but we were more friends than anything.  Now, she’s a rockin mama to 3 lovely girls, and a hardcore fun wife.

Kiersti had a vision of having a beautiful hall tree coat rack.  She commissioned her husband to build her one.

He made it from an old door, a bench, and some crown molding.  All things that you can pull out of your Marry Poppins carpet bag.  Or find on your local classifieds.  Same thing.

The bench came with their dining room set, the door came from the classifieds for $10, original knobs and hinges. Kiersti was worried about the light blue color at first, but is SO happy with it!

This project was easy and low budget for their family.  It is delicious on the eyes, and as functional as it is gorgeous.  Look out Pottery Barn, you’ve got competition.

DIY Hall Tree made from old door and a bench


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  1. Ahhhhh, that’s my door! Thanks for posting this – there’s a whole lot more where this came from, wink 😉

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