Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Art

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Art

Evelyn wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.  However, that would have been impossible if her mum hadn’t have made her this sweet action chalkboard.

This project was free to me because I had everything hanging around.  I had a spare piece of MDF board in the garage, left over chalkboard paint from the chalkboard back door, and some gold craft paint left over from a project you haven’t seen yet!

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Art

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Art

I freehanded some scallops.  Because, scallops.

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Art

Of course Buster assumed the photoshoot was for him… based on past experience.  He’s having a hard time adjusting to not being the center of attention.

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Art

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Art

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Art

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22 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Art

    • Oh thanks! I definitely want to get better. I’ve had a fun time practicing. It’s usually really vulgar words, just to keep it on the spicy side.

  1. So so sweet! Love, love, LOVE that first photo. 🙂 Such a perfect backdrop for your beautiful little one. Valentine’s blessings to you and your adorable family!

  2. Oh my gosh. These pictures are too much cute. What a sweetheart. And the chalkboard art is lovely.

  3. Good job making that chalkboard and that baby 🙂

  4. LOL, I agree with Michelle! An adorable precious baby and a cute dog in front of an amazing chalk board = awesome! Happy VDay!

    • Buster is the cutest! If only I could get him to like Evelyn enough to take a picture of them together. It might just stop the Earth from spinning. They must know the force… that’s why he won’t go near her!

  5. No. Just no. You have to stop with the squishy baby pictures because I just can’t even handle it. (And then with gold scallops?! The universe is exploding!)

    • Evelyn is definitely in the heart-exploding business. By now I’ve had probably a gazillion explosions. I’ve just decided to accept it. It’s best not to fight it.

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