50 Shades Of Grey… Paint Samples

Picking The Right Grey Paint Color

Well folks, Saturday is the day.  My favorite day in the design process:  PAINT TIME!  New paint is when a room comes alive.  I have been stressing for months about what color we were going to paint the basement. (I am lame.)  At first I wanted to do bold stripes, then I wanted to go with a neutral sage green, then I thought about a light pale gray.  But then I finally figured out what color would compliment our design idea.  The problem?  Putting a name on that color and finding it.  I could see it in my head.   12 tries later, boom!

Picking Grey Paint Colors

Okay, so it wasn’t fifty shades of grey.. only twelve.  I just wanted to show my exciting side.  Anyway, I know many people will look at my paint swatches and think, “Hmmm, that’s awfully dark for a basement.”  To all of you saying that, I say,  “Well, we have TONS of natural light, and 9 light fixtures in the room so I’m not worried.  And besides, it’s a MOVIE room!”  That’s what I say!  My house, my rules, remember?

So, now that I have tried so many colors of paint, and seen them in all kinds of light, I know which one I want (but I am keeping it a surprise!).  It took me several trips to Sherwin-Williams buying 2 or 3 at a time.  They now know me as “that crazy lady who can’t make up her mind and owns a dozen gray paint samples.”  Yikes.

Lighter greys for the stairwell/hallway.

Picking Grey Paint Colors

Always try the paint on all walls, so you can see it from all angles and shadows.

Picking Grey Paint Colors

The latest and greatest!

Building a Nook Under The Stairs- Pinterest

The basement is now something of a grey mutant.

Picking Grey Paint Colors

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