A Red White & Burlap Christmas

I’ve been writing on my blog for over a year now.  BUT- I didn’t write regularly, and I sure as crap didn’t read other blogs.  Blogging has now become an every day tradition in my life, writing & reading.  This year, my eyes have been opened.  The blog-o-sphere explodes like Mentos in Diet Coke with holiday decorating.  It was foreshadowed with Halloween.  I saw this coming.  Bloggers go ALL OUT when it comes to decorating for holidays.

I don’t.

But I’m trying a little.  Last year I bought a plain white tree skirt from Walmart and stitched our name into it using plain old yarn.  That’s about as DIY as I got last year.

personalized easy DIY tree skirt

I monogrammed Aaron & I matching stockings.  This year, I realized Indy and Buster needed stockings.  Dogs are people too.

I picked up two more matching boring blank white Walmart stockings for the pups.  I had some yarn left over from last year.

personalized easy DIY tree skirt

If you were worried about the way your monogram is going to look, you can sketch it out first.  I’m more of a “wing it” girl.  Sometimes it’s great.  And sometimes it looks like Picasso wrote the alphabet.  And in those instances, I put on my tweed jacket and dedicate said project to the arts.

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings

Buster had to supervise the entire stitching session.  He’s a perfectionist.  He didn’t want a rogue stocking.

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings

All hunged.  Aaron, Kenz, Indy, Buster.

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings

Our Christmas theme is red white & burlap.

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings - red white & burlap

Then turn off the lights and unleash the magic.  The brothers love the lights on the tree.  They love to cuddle close to each other and close to the tree.  If that doesn’t melt your full sized aortic pump heart like butter in the microwave, then I don’t know what else will.

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings - red white & burlap

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings - red white & burlap

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings - red white & burlap

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings - red white & burlap

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings - red white & burlap

If you follow me on Facebook, you already saw this picture.  It’s mine and Aaron’s tradition to share a bowl of peppermint ice cream in the light of the Christmas tree.  Is that mushy and romantic or what?  Mostly delicious.  (The best traditions are.)

personalized easy DIY tree skirt and stockings - red white & burlap

That’s the extent of my holiday decorating.  And I’m okay with that.  Christmas isn’t about going over the top.  It’s about enjoying season together, making memories, and wearing ugly sweaters.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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  • Henriette

    Hahaha, full sized aortic pump! Joey <3

    Your tree is lovely, I have never had a Christmas tree of my own, since I always spend the holidays at my parents house – and the tree we have there is nearly as symmetric as yours 😉 We just go into the forest to cut down a tree where its too many, so that the ones left can grow bigger 🙂 (its usually thin, crooked and looks a little beaten 😉 But hey, its tradition!

    • YES!!! I’m so happy you knew that Joey quote. I may or may not have been watching Friends while writing this post. And i couldn’t help myself. I had to throw it in.

      Are you so excited to have your own tree in your new house? I have ALWAYS wanted to have a real Christmas tree that we cut down in the forest. But it never happens. We live pretty far from and Christmas tree farm, and we never put the planning into it that we should. Maybe next year 🙂

      • Henriette

        Friends is showing every day around dinner time here, so when I’m alone I almost always watch it when I eat 😀

        Well, yes, I am very very excited! Can’t really decide between a real or fake tree, but I think I will decorate everything when Jo is working in Oslo one week – cant wait to see his face if he leaves a messy house and comes back to Christmas wonderland! (well, that’s my vision, in reality it would probably be only a tree and a couple of santas thrown around! Have this red throw pillows I have been using for Christmas, but now we have a burgundy couch -soo, no.) Can’t wait to have the time to blog again either, we are crazy busy nowadays, me and my brother is cleaning out the old appartment (and me and Jo have to be there for an inspection by the owners on friday, I get sick to my stomach just thinking of it!)

        Yes, so, this was just the longest comment ever.

        • I just had the best picture of Jo coming home from Oslo and walking into a completely transformed house, lol. Do it! 🙂

          Inspections are nerve wracking! Good luck with all your cleaning. I hope it goes well!

  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I really really wish Indy’s hair would grow back. when the two of them are fluffy together it’s going to make me squeal every time I see them. I like your simplistic approach to Christmas- because it’s not really about decorating.

    Me, on the other hand- Christmas is the one Holiday Nate actually understands decorating for so we go all out! lol

    • Indy’s hair already looks 10 times better than when it first was cut! But I agree… I can’t wait til they are both the fluffiest things you’ve ever seen.

      If I had it in me to go all out, you know I totally would! I love seeing other peoples’ Christmas decor. You have the perfect house to decorate for Christmas. It would be a sin not to!

  • I am SO INTIMIDATED by blogger Christmas decorations- I barely do anything at all because I don’t get really into Christmas but it is EVERYWHERE.
    I like all the white. And I’ve still got a huge crush on your fireplace. I might ask for it’s number… try to take it out some time… maybe to a movie…

    • Dude, blogger-Christmas is INSANE. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who feels bombarded by advent calendars and wreaths. You may take the fireplace on a date, but curfew is midnight, SHARP!

  • I love any post that involves random acts of stitchery. Also, your dogs are so adorable. I love fluffy white dogs.

    • I’m not the best at stitching. I could learn a lesson or two from you! I love those fluff heads so much. You’ve got a pretty cute little fluff yourself 🙂

  • mk_marie

    Started reading your blog on Saturday and I have to say I’m in love! Plus we have the same name, so that makes us automatic internet best friends (and maybe fellow Utah dwellers?) Looking forward to seeing your future projects!

    • Yes! I have always thought the world needs more good “Mekenzies.” But… how do you spell it? That’s the real question. I love having Internet friends. … does that make me a loser/creeper? Let me know if you have a blog 🙂

      • mk_marie

        I don’t have a blog yet, but maybe one day 🙂 and I have different spelling (mine is Mackenzie)

        And it isn’t creepy at all. Haven’t you heard? Internet popularity is the new black!

        • Well Miss Mackenzie, let me know if you ever do get a blog 🙂 Two thumbs up for wearing my little black internet dress!

  • HI, I just love your Christmas tree, beautiful. Enjoyed looking around your lovely blog and I found you from Ginger Snap link party. I am a new follower. Love for you to pop over http://www.homesweetbutterfly.com. Have a great week, by the way well said about Christmas and not going over the top. : )

    • Hi Vanessa! Thanks for stopping by! Cute blog 🙂 I’ll definitely be following your projects.