Meet Kenz

This blog is on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.  Please enjoy older posts, but be aware that responses to emails, questions and comments may be timely.  

Yo homeslice, I’m Kenz.  Thanks for stopping by.  If you are a reader of this blog, let’s throw the term “follower” right out the window and replace it with friend.  Ah, much better.

You’re on this page because you want to know more about me.  So here’s the dirt:

This is me and Aaron.

Interiors By Kenz

We jumped the broom on April 8th, 2011.

Unique Vintage Bridals

Aaron and I bought our first house, a dusty blue ranch in the greater Salt Lake area.  It was a 1980′s Rambler.  She was dubbed Green Meadow Manor.  GMM for short.  We worked our pants off to create a home we truly loved.

1980s Ranch House

We sold our beloved starter in May 2014, and built our current house over the summer.

New House

This blog documents our efforts to turn “builder-grade” into custom on a tight budget.


My design philosophy is that if it makes you happy and looks the way YOU want it to, then nothing else matters.  Who cares if people judge my house?  Extreme humiliation should not keep us from creating beautiful things!  Let us be brave if we must.  And we must.


Ever since I was 16 years old, different doctors told me I’d probably never be able to have children, and that my chances were less than 10%.  We got the surprise of a lifetime after coming home from Disneyland in April.

Pregnancy Announcement

Evelyn Faye Crowder was welcomed into our family on December 23, 2013.

Evelyn Faye Newborn Pictures Interiors By Kenz

10 Useless facts about me:

Interiors By Kenz

-My first major in college was Art History.
-I have my pilot’s license.
-I play first Violin in a symphony.  The rehearsals are on Saturday mornings and cut into my DIYing time, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
-I am scuba certified.
-I have been sky diving twice.
-I hate onions.
-U2 was my first favorite band, when I was 6.
-I love musicals with a wild passion.
-My favorite car I’ve ever had was my 1995 Grand Voyager mini van when I was 16.  Thing could off-road like you wouldn’t believe. (I also had blue hair.  It was a horrid phase.)
-I have PCOS, and I deal with it by way of a gluten free/sugar free lifestyle.  And if you need a soul-cyster, you’ve got one.

I have PCOS

Now that you know me, I want to get to know you!  That’s what makes blogging fun for me.

  • Trudy Burton

    Absolutely love your headboard project! Can’t wait for mine!
    Keep up the great work – you are amazing!

  • Mom Baugh

    I am very proud of you!

  • Mag

    You are seriously the most adorable and inspiring DIYer on the web. Maybe the world. I don’t know. I’ve just devoured a baker’s dozen of your posts and will be back for seconds for shiz. Thanks for sharing your zany life!

    • I’m not used to such sweet compliments. Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for eating my cookie-posts. I hope they were Nom. Do you have a blog? I’d love to follow you back.

      • Mag

        Nahhh I live vicariously through bloggers like you. I’m totally trying that antiquing-with-glaze tutorial you posted, BTW.

  • Angie R.

    Just stumbled on your blog and love it! I too was diagnosed with PCOS but a few months on Metformin and a couple of rounds of Clomid later, I now have three beautiful kiddos, and the last was God’s little miraculous surprise! And Dr. Christopher Seeker in Austin, TX is AMAZING.

    • Hi Angie! I’ve heard great things about Metformin. I’m still in the process of finding a good doctor. It’s like going on several first dates… ya know? It makes me so happy when I hear about PCOS success stories 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I Hope you keep coming back. Do you have a blog? I’d love to follow it 🙂

  • I just found you! This blog is great and so are you. The faux mercury glass is wonderful–can’t wait to try it. I think we will be bff. Just to let you know my youngest had pcos and is now a mother! I sorta know what you are going through because of my Becky. Only thing–I LOVE to play Scrabble. So if you want to venture out and try that I will be happy to play with you. JDS

    • Kenz

      Hi Judy! I’m glad you found your way here. It’s always nice to know I’m not talking to myself 🙂 Definitely let me know after you’ve tried the mercury glass. I’d love to see the finished product. I LOVE hearing about people who have PCOS who then have babies. It gives me lots of hope. I just switched to a new doctor who seems to know his stuff. And we’re managing it from a new approach. I’m already feeling so much better. One of these days I’ll need to buy a Scrabble board and learn! I’m glad we’re friends JDS 🙂

  • Bethany @ The Sepia Puppy

    such a cute about me. You are crazy interesting, and I learned a buncha new schtuff about you just now! so booya! <3 B

    • Kenz

      Thanks B 🙂 I think I’m more on the side of crazy than interesting. I’m glad we are friends!

  • Everything about this screams stellar! I miss that van, btw…

    • Kenz

      Aw thanks Linds! You’re super stellar. I miss that van too. It was a sad day when that thing bit the dust.

  • Jen @ The Yellow Brick Cottage

    You are seriously my favoritist blogger (but you already knew that!) Thanks for all of you tips and tricks as I start my adventure! I love having a friend like you! Plus, Bono is like my boyfriend, so anyone that loved him (even though it was only first grade) is in my “cool friend” category!

    • Kenz

      haha thanks Jen! I’m glad we’re friends too. My favorite part of blogging seriously is meeting other people. I’m always happy to offer up what I know to help others along their way 🙂 Bono is the greatest! I’m still in love with U2, although I think my favorite is now The Edge!

  • oh goodness, i just spent my morning falling in love with your blog and realizing how much I MISS YOUR FACE AND ADVENTURES IN THE VAN.

    you are the cutest and this blog is a work of art. obsessed.

    • Kenz


  • Sybarite

    I just found your blog, but I have to agree with Mag’s comment from six months ago! You make me (almost) want to move to Utah!

    • haha! Move to Utah! It’s awesome! And the mountains are the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen 🙂

      • Sybarite

        I visited Utah once in college with two friends. Together we comprised a short Filipina, an average height Black woman, and a tall, blonde surfer chick. Somehow everyone knew that we were from California! That, and the fact that we kept trying to buy things on a Sunday. 😛

        • hahaha that is hilarious! Well come visit any time you like! I was just barely in California. I should have said HI!

  • Lindzie

    My son was born on December 22nd. Not the best day to have a baby, but so glad to have him and I’m sure you are happy to have Evelynn We, too, have an Evelynn (with 2 n’s in honor of a Mimi) and I was happy to stumble across your blog!

    • kenz

      Hi Lindzie! That’s so cool! I was just glad Evelyn wasn’t actually born ON Christmas! I’m happy you stumbled across my blog. I hope you stick around and i can get to know you more!