Adoption Checklist

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Adoption Checklist

They say, “You’re never going to be fully prepared to be a parent.”  And I’m sure it feels that way when you become one.  However, I am going to make sure we are dang well as prepared as can be for ADOPTION so we are not distracted from our sweet soul.  I want to make sure our affairs are in order, so I can be there for baby Crowder 100million%

My mum and dad always encourage that Mr and I get AS MUCH DONE ON OUR HOUSE AS WE CAN before little ones are in the picture.  (Not that anyone is ever “done” with home improvements…) Mum and dad say, “Once you have babies, finding the time and money will be much more difficult.”  I believe them.  I don’t want to be distracted with a major kitchen reno while holding a baby on my hip. (Although I plan on being a  life-long DIYer, being a parent will always come first.)

The agency we have chosen to adopt through is LDS Family Services.  They require couples to be married 2 years before submitting an application.  Meaning, we still have til April to get our ugly ducks in a row.  Last April, on our first anniversary, we came up with a checklist of things we wanted done before we submitted our adoption application.

  • Get a reliable family car
  • Have our small kitchen renovation 100% finished
  • Correct all the electrical issues in the basement so the house doesn’t burn down
  • Be a fully licensed real estate agent

Shortly after creating our checklist, we were able to cross off “get a family car.”  And I wasn’t one ounce sad to see the Beamer go!  The prefect deal fell into our laps, and we are SO grateful for Sweet D, our Scion. (Brave Little Toaster->voiced by Deanna Oliver->Sweet D – so that’s a little of a stretch creative…)

Adoption checklist - BMW 325i - Scion XB

One of my most clear and choice childhood memories was sitting up to the counter on a wobbly bar stool, with crayons in hand, coloring pictures while my mum worked in the kitchen.  I’m sure if you were to add the hours I sat up to the counter doing some kind of activity, the sum would be a significant amount.  When we bought our house, it did not come with said counter space.  I need to make sure that is something my kids have.  It sounds so silly, but it is SO important to me.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I want it to be one healthy organ!  According to papa Burton, my “let’s add counter space idea” would be easier to build than our basement nook.  So we have a full fledged plan, ready to deploy as soon as our basement is 100% complete.

small kitchen renovation plan

It’s devastating to learn that your home, your sanctuary, is unsafe.  My heart dropped when we discovered the dangerous fire hazard lurking in our basement ceilings.  Instead of proper electrical wire, there were extension cords.  Not just in the family room, in all the rooms.  I am so grateful to Aaron for sacrificing so much of his time to drop everything and fix the electrical.  I’m glad I can have peace of mind.

Electrical Problems During Renovations

Last on the list:  Be a licensed real estate agent.  I work in real estate now, and I love it.  A few months ago I decided to take online classes to be fully licensed.  I love it!  I am so close to being done.  It’ s important to me because I need to know that when we finally are chosen by a birth mother, I have potential to work from home/ have flexibility.

So that’s where we’re at on our adoption goals!  It’s pretty exciting to see them being checked off.  Later this week we have a big announcement to make regarding a huge blessing that will help us fulfill our goals even faster. 🙂

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