Baby Barn Doors

How To Build Miniature Barn Doors  [Part 1]

Remember the time I struck gold out West?  I put that gold to good use.  I built 2 little barn doors, for my basement nook, out of my gold-pile.


I cut 10 pieces of fence down to 25″ using a miter saw.  It was easier than beating Aaron at Super Mario World.


The fence slats were 4″ wide, and there were 10 of them, so next I cut 2 40″ pieces.  One for top, one for bottom.


The next pieces I cut were two 19″ sides.  I knew that this would make the doors 27″ tall.  It gave me a 2″ over hang off the bottom, which is what I wanted.  The last piece I cut was the diagonal board.  I just placed it over the layout of the boards and drew where I needed to cut the angles.  It worked just fine.  Once I realized the first set of cuts worked to build a door, I duplicated all cuts for the second door.  I brought it all in the house (cuz it was dark) to assemble it.


I laid the top piece across the 10 slats, made sure it was lined up, and used a finish nailer to secure it.  Then I put the 2 19″ side pieces on.  The bottom, then finally the cross piece.


The assembly of the doors was seriously so easy.  Hanging them was, well, quite the hang up.  You’ll see.

Make sure to come back for Part 2:  Hanging Your Baby Barn Doors

I hope you all have a great weekend!  What projects do you have planned?

Update!  The doors are finally hung.  See that snafu here!


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