Behind Closed Doors

Can I be honest with you for 1.2 minutes?  I’m sure you have noticed I haven’t been wreaking havoc doing projects for the past week or so.  Whelp, I’m quitting blogging.  This is my last ever post.  JUST KIDDING!  Bah!  (Did I scare you??)  If there’s anything I am, a Ginger Spice isn’t one of them… in the quitting sense.

School.  It’s taking over my LIFE.  But I have really really really really really good news.  I will be DONE in 2 weeks.  100% done.  And then I’ll have 99 problems, and school won’t be one of them.  But I have a lot to do between now and then.  Can you be patient with me and my blog while I get through this?  I PROMISE I have some good stuff planned.  I just need to wrap up school and get that piece of paper.

K, THANKS!  I knew you’d be cool with it.  Glad we had that chat.

Now, I need to tell you one of my plans.

We have some fugly doors.  Everywhere.  Faux wood.  And not the trendy fois bois.  Like, 80’s fake wood grain.  And every single interior door in Green Meadow Manor is made of it.

paint faux molding on doors

In a perfect world, I would say, (and please read this in a British accent) “Hey Assistant (because I’m rich enough for an assistant) order me brand new beautiful paneled doors for the entire house!”

Alas, I don’t have an assistant.  And I don’t have money to buy all new doors.

So, of course, I should paint them.  But there’s not dimension to them.  They are cheap and flat.

Remember what I did to add dimension to my saucy master bedroom?

Painted Molding

And the question of the hour is:

Why wouldn’t this work on doors?

Of course Gemma from The Sweetest Digs did it to her closet, and I love it.

faux molding painted on doors

I love it the way I love sugar free candy.

I love it the way I love Zooey Deschanel’s bangs.

I love it the way I love Super Mario.

I love it the way I love that I’m better at Super Mario than my computer programmer husband.

You get it right?

I think this can make me feel better until I’m able to hire a British assistant to order me custom high end interior doors.

And you are going to be patient with me while I finish school the next 14 days right?

SPOILER ALERT:  There just may be a really good give away if you can hang in there with me until I’m done.

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I will never let go.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Rose 🙂

  • Karin

    I will continue to come here everyday whether you post something new or not, you are the greatest. Just the greatest, assistant or not.

    • Kenz

      Itty. I love you so hard. One day we are going to see each other again, and it will be the greatest. Thanks for believing in me!

  • Oh, im so excitet – this was genious – WHY NOT DO THE SAME ON DOORS! Can’t wait to see the result 🙂

    • Kenz

      Thanks Henriette! I have a feeling this is going to be great!

  • AHH! you scared the crap outta me there! I was like nooooooo! one of my only blogger friends. whew, thank goodness it was a hoax, you nearly had me! I like the idea for the doors, what colors were you thinkin? congrats about school!! I still have tons to go, but I’m still stoked about it. It has been holding up my blogwork too though, so i feel the pain and totally get it.

    • Kenz

      I was really just seein if anyone actually reads the words, or if they only skim the pictures. lol… thanks for actually reading!! I knew you would totally understand things on the school front!

  • Busy for a few weeks? Nope, sorry, I’m out of here! Just kidding….I GUESS finishing school is important. Can’t wait to see how the doors end up 🙂

    • Kenz

      Eeeep! Thanks for not leaving me high and dry! I think the doors will be lovely when I actually do them 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize that bedroom was yours!! I have seen it all over the blogosphere and LOVE it. Amaze!!!
    Thanks for featuring my doors 🙂 Good luck with school!!


    • Kenz

      Thanks Gemma! I’m really glad I found your blog. And especially your doors. You are a doll!

  • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    Don’t be gone TOO long. 🙂

    • Kenz

      K I won’t! Promise!

  • Hi, Kenz I had the same issue with my old house, we just painted them because doors are not cheap. I felt much better when we painted our doors and they look so much better then the way it looked before.

    • Kenz

      Thanks! I’m hoping it helps our house feel less acid-washed if you know what I mean!

  • Maggie

    Good luck with school!! Love the door idea…

    • Kenz

      Thanks Maggie! Hopefully I can just power through and not loose too much steam!

  • Cruel! Ok, fine, finish school. Glad we had this chat, too. I feel appreciated and understood ;).

    • Kenz

      haha Bobi you crack me up. Thanks for understanding lol. I appreciate you!

  • Ashley

    Good luck with school! I was all, oh shoot, you’re quitting??!?! I sort of hate doors. They’re all expensive. Ok, I hate houses right now because we just decided we’re not getting one for a few years……… shoot.

    • Kenz

      Boo!!! That blows. Don’t worry though, there’s still a lot you can do with a rental! I’ll let you punch a hole in one of my walls if you want. It might make you feel better. The pantry needs to come down anyway, so punch away.

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Girl I took this week off. Sometimes life just happens like that. Hang in there! Only 2 weeks left!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Amber! I hope you guys had a GREAT time in NY!

  • Darn real life ruining blog time. Good luck with the last 2 weeks…and then get to work on those doors. 😉

    • Kenz

      I know… can’t I just live in my internet world already?! Is it weird that painting my doors is my motivating reward for finishing school?

  • mk_marie

    Ooooh so excited to see it turn out! I’m sure a lot of people suffer from UDS (Ugly Door Syndrome) so don’t be surprised if a lot of folks become inspired by this.

    • Kenz

      UDS is absolutely the worst. I should market the remedy to the FDA to bottle up and sell.

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    Phew, so glad you are not quitting 😀 😀 😀 I love reading your blog. Have some great time off 🙂 See you back soon 🙂

    • Kenz

      Thanks Katja! I’m trying not to make it a hiatus. I have a post for tomorrow!

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