Bring Your Dog To Lowe’s Day

I found this little treasure today, and it melted my heart.  We used to bring Indy to Lowe’s with us when he was a puppy because they would always give him treats.  🙂  He is a gem.

Bring Your Dog To Lowes

I am in something of a writing lull right now.  Here are my top ten thought chunks:

1. The ottoman I built is too tall
2. Several half finished projects…
3. Why has the basement has taken so long?
4. SOOO Impatient to start the kitchen
5. Bathroom on the back burner (that wall paper HAS to come down)
6. Things that should be painted now, and aren’t  (ie, the hall, and 5 out of 6 bedrooms)
7. Upholstering custom chairs for the front room (since there is no furniture)
8. Adoption Furniture cluttered around the garage
9. I am blessed.
10. I love our unfinished house anyways.

With all my venting aside, we are so close to the finished product in the basement.  Stay tuned for the reveal!

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