One Year Later…

We have officially been home-owners for a year!  We closed on October 28th last year.  And it has been a wild ride to say the least.  In celebration of the anniversary of our 30 year debt home-ownership, this week I’ll be rolling out a home tour.  I feel like the whole house is in a state of progress, so no judging too harshly.  I’ll be posting the first home tour post tomorrow, so stay tuned for that festival of rooms.

Did you all have a good weekend?  I hope you all partied til your eye balls fell out.  Aaron and I held a party to apologize to our friends for ruining Halloween last year.  Remember how I said we closed on our house on Oct 28th last year?  That was a Friday, and we planned on moving Saturday.  However, the Salvation Army couldn’t get their shiz together, and they told us we couldn’t take possession until November 3rd.  The thing is, we were renting a house in Murray.  And, we told them we would be out by the end of the month (we were SUPPOSED to close mid-October… again, the fudge-packing Salvation Army… taking 5 million days to get signatures from every member of the board on all documents).  So we had to have EVERYTHING out of the house, before November 1st.  That equated into an emergency moving session, on HALLOWEEN NIGHT.  I felt awful.  We were supposed to have a party.  So when we asked our friends to help move, they couldn’t really say they had other plans.  All year long they gave us crap about how we tricked them into helping us move.  And I felt bad, all stinking year.  So we decided to throw a Halloween Party that they wouldn’t forget.  And like that, my conscience was cleared.

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Have you heard about the Pinterest Challenge?  4 of my favorite bloggers (Sarah, Katie, Sherry & Carmel) are hosting it.  You can read all the details here.


Sounds easy right?  Turns out I don’t really pin really “crafty” things.  The Pinterest Challenge ends in a week.  ONE WEEK to complete a pin.  It seems like all I post is rooms.  I love getting inspired by whole rooms.


I don’t have anything I can create in a WEEK.  So I don’t honestly know if I will participate in the challenge.  But I still want to.  Are you going to?  What pin are you planning on executing?  What do you think I should do?

Leave links to your favorite Pin-Crafts in the comments.  PLEASE & THANKS!

$50 Target Gift Card Give Away!

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Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2012 Part III

Are you sick of the trilogy yet (part I)(part II)?  Is it all starting to blend together?  Don’t worry.  This post will be a short one because I only have 3 homes to show you.  I took my mum with me today.  It was divine mother-daughter time.  We got to babble about houses and life.  She pointed out all the places she would hate dusting.  I pointed out all the things I’d spend my millions on all the things that could be DIY’d for cheap.  It was prime.

Without further ado:

The Marshall.
Fun and colorful living room.  I like the big clock and the ottoman.

living room ideas - PARADE OF HOMES SL 2012 THE MARSHALL

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