Your DIY Wingback Rocking Chairs

One of my all time favorite projects is my DIY Wingback Rocker.

One year later it’s holding up like a champion of all chairs!  In fact, I’m writing this post sitting in this chair right now.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours rocking precious Evelyn Faye in this chair.

DIY Wingback Rocker

What I didn’t expect was how many people would follow my tutorial and make their own.  Some have blogs, and some don’t.  But the emails have poured in of your beautiful rockers, and I’m going to show them off!

This nursery is from a reader named Daniel.

DIY Rocking Chair

This is Chelsie’s nursery.

DIY Wingback Rocker

DIY Wingback Rocker

Cute mama-to-be!DIY Wingback Rocker

This rocker comes from nursery at The Shaker House.  They used a different chair than the Strandmon, and I think it looks awesome in the Marine Corps inspired room.

DIY Rocker - The Shaker House

DIY Wingback Rocker - The Shaker House

This rocker is from the outdoorsy nursery for Fletcher at 100layercakelet

DIY Rocker - 100layercakelet

DIY Wingback Rocker - 100 layer cakelet

This rocker is in the Modern Marine nursery at Newlyweds North.

DIY Rocker - Newlyweds North

rocker collage

And this last rocker is in the feminine travelesque nursery at Explore Dream Discover.

DIY Rocker - Explore Dream Discover



I love that even though these nurseries all have different themes and styles (I hope you clicked the links to check out the full rooms!!!) the rockers all fit in their element perfectly.

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Up-Cycled Vanity Light Fixture

If you’re late to the show, I painted my bathroom vanity.  And that made me viciously tear down some wall paper and re-tile my shower.  Natural cause and effect brings us to today.

A new bathroom vanity light fixture.

bathroom vanity light

We have absolutely no natural light in our bathroom.  As ugly as this fixture was, I really liked that it was a 6-bulb.  But new 6-bulbed light fixtures are really expensive.

Good thing the classified ad gods smile upon us.

I was able to pick up this dime for a few dollars.

bathroom vanity light

I liked the shiny chrome and brass look.  HATED the frosted glass.  I splurged by buying new shade covers from Lowe’s.  (I tried to find them on their website so I could share the link, but could not.)  They were around $9 a piece if I remember right.  That makes the whole fixture less than $100, which is a steal, if you ask me.

bathroom vanity light

I’m going to take this moment to toot my own horn.  I wired and hung that light all by myself while Aaron was at work!

bathroom vanity light

I hate this picture because I had to use the flash.  But it was the only way I could really capture the essence of the fixture.

bathroom vanity light

And that, my friends, is how you work the system when you need a newer prettier light fixture.


Easy Entryway Table

February was a hard month.  First, I had strep.  Then, someone crashed into Aaron on the freeway and totaled his car.  Our water heater broke, and we had to get a new one.  Then Evelyn came down with a nasty cold that had her in the hospital one night.  We’re all fine now, just trying to catch up on life.

I’m happy it’s March.  In like a lambion, for us.  Half rain, half sunshine.  I’ll take it.

We really needed an entryway table like JLaw needs to stop trippin.  I mean, it was adorable to just throw my keys and purse on the floor every time I walk in the door, but…  no.

I whipped this up in an afternoon with some stuff I had hanging around in the garage.  The messy messy messy garage.

For the top, I wanted to use the top of a trunk.  I have a few trunks sitting in the garage from when we cleaned out Aaron’s grandma’s garage; the very best kind of hand-me-downs!

Easy DIY Entry Table

I had some extra 4X4’s in the garage from Jumbo Jenga.  I decided to use those chunky babies for legs.  I used my miter saw to cut them all at 36″

Easy DIY Entry Table

The legs got a nice wash in stain.  I used Minwax Polystain in espresso.  It’s the same shade I stained the banister.

Easy DIY Entry Table

After the stain was dry, I used spax screws to secure the legs to the top.  And Evelyn slept the whole time (note the sleeping baby in the swing).

Easy DIY Entry Table

I probably should add cross pieces for support.  But honestly, it’s pretty sturdy as is.  So we’ll see 🙂

Easy DIY Entry Table

I decided to hang the mirror up while I was at it.  I wish I could have hung it a few inches lower, but due to the light switch placement, this was the lowest it could be hung.

Easy DIY Entry Table

Easy DIY Entry Table

Easy DIY Entry Table

And there you have it.  The easiest entry table that ever lived.

Gallery Wall With IKEA Ribba Ledges

Thanks for all the accolades on Evelyn’s newborn pictures.  She sure is a gem.  She makes our home an even better place now.  She also makes it a much more tired place 🙂

Since my computer pulled a Charlie Sheen a couple weeks before her delivery and completely crashed, I wasn’t able to share the last few nursery posts.

On the East wall of the nursery, we have the beautiful gold scalloped wall.  I talked so much about the scalloped wall, and took lots of pictures of the book cases and mobile on that side of the nursery, but had yet to show the other side of the room.  Some of you kept curiously asking what the plan was for the other half.

Russian Nesting Doll Nursery Mobile

The rest of the nursery is painted a bright white color.  I didn’t want the room to be too busy with colors and patterns, but the wall was so plain, especially with a white dresser and changing table.  I was in search for a simple way to fill the space.  It’s an easy answer, a gallery wall.

We used to have a gallery wall in our bedroom before we painted our faux molding, and when we were done with the gallery wall, it was a lot of holes to fill.  I didn’t want that again.

Gold Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge for gallery wall

I’ve always liked the look of gallery wall ledges, so I decided that was the route we would take.

I bought 2 of the 45″ IKEA RIBBA Picture Ledges  with the intent to spray paint them gold.


It was so easy that I didn’t take a picture when I was outside doing it.  (Lazy pregnant blogger status.)  I did one coat of spray paint primer, then a couple of light coats with Rustoleum gold spray paint.

There’s no reason to give a tutorial on how to hang the shelves.  It’s extremely straight forward.  There are 3 holes, and you put the screws in the holes.  Easiest IKEA project I’ve ever done.  Thank you Sweden.  Or should I said “tack Sverige.”

The fun part is filling the shelves with visual goodies.

Gold Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge for gallery wall

This is the current arrangement.  However, I already have a few changes in mind.

Gold Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge for gallery wall

It balances the room and compliments the gold scalloped wall perfectly.

Gold Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge for gallery wall

Gold Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge for gallery wall

Gold Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge for gallery wall

And that’s my simplified version of a gallery wall.  The easier, the better.

What simplified project have you done lately?  I can’t be the only one trying to make everything lazier easier.

How To Paint Curtains

I’m breaking away from nursery posts today to bring you a living room update!  Our big projects are coming to a close (more on that soon!), which means I have been focusing on decorating details.

One thing we’ve been living without since demo (late July) is curtains.  It’s like living naked for the world to see.  So exposed.  I mean, cool, if that’s what you’re into.  But um, I dig privacy.

Since we have so much neutral happening in our grand room, I wanted some curtains with a punch.  As it would turn out, punchy curtains are really hard to find unless you want to pay $50+ per panel from a fancy store or custom order on Etsy.  Pretty much all other curtains are simple and neutral.

For a good long while, probably since Avatar was the cool thing… I’ve been wanting to try making fabric paint with textile medium.  Painting curtains was the perfect experiment.

I started with a plain white set of IKEA LENDA curtains, drew out a design on a scrap paper, got some votes, then started taping.  Nothing is trustier than FrogTape for crisp lines.

How To Paint Curtains

I mixed regular latex paint with the textile medium in an old mixing bowl that I was planning on tossing.

How To Paint Curtains

The ratio is 2:1.  2 parts paint to 1 part textile medium.  The handle broke off my measuring cup, so I used this old one to measure out 2 cups of paint.

How To Paint Curtains

I was so worried that the textile medium would change the color of the paint, but it didn’t.

How To Paint Curtains

My preferred color of mustard was Sherwin Williams Kingdom Gold (6698).

How To Paint Curtains

I rolled on the paint to cover the curtains nice and saturated-ly.

How To Paint Curtains

I let it dry over night for good measure.  The next day, Buster watched while I joyfully peeled the tape off.

How To Paint Curtains

However, I made a HUGE mistake.  Michael, I’ve made a huge mistake…  Normally when I paint, I use these old sheets as a drop cloth, and it’s fine.  But I REALLY should have been wise enough to use a heavier drop cloth, or a tarp.  The curtains were completely fused to these sheets.  Peeling them apart was akin to what I imagine an exorcism would be like.  Very gripping.

How To Paint Curtains

But the trouble didn’t stop there.  Because it majorly bled through onto my floors.  It was like a school bus died all over my front room.  For anyone wanting to know how to get paint off floors, warm water with a little Dawn and some elbow grease does the job.

How To Paint Curtains

Luckily the only mishaps were with my supplies.  The painted curtains were more than perfect.  It’s the love affair of the century.  Move aside William and Kate, we have new things to gawk over.

How To Paint Curtains

The final step is to heat set the fabric paint.  You can iron, or tumble dry.  I tumbled of course.

I used this tip to hang the curtain rod.  Please disregard my swollen pregnant hand and robe sleeve.  Take some cardboard and make a template to mark the holes.  Flip the template, and use it on the other side of the window for a perfect match.

How To Paint Curtains

The curtains need to be hemmed, but I’m not sweating that chore until after Thanksgiving.  We have people to entertain!

How To Paint Curtains

They are extra beautiful at night.

How To Paint Curtains

And extraordinarily magical from the outside.  I’m sure all my neighbors think I’m the coolest 🙂

How To Paint Curtains

And for pinning convenience, here you are!

How To Paint Curtains

Now that you’ve read my adventures in painting curtains, are you going to paint some fabric of your own?

Painted IKEA Billy Bookcases

We all know that painting the backs of bookcases are all the rage.  It’s a great way to add a pop of color without going too crazy.  I searched all over the classifieds, but couldn’t find anything that would suit the vision I was having for the nursery.

Two skinny IKEA Billys would do the job just fine though!  AND painting the back would be easier this way, since I could paint it all in one sweep, instead of taping off, and cutting in.  Ick.

Using the boxes the bookcases came in was a great way to not get paint everywhere, if you ever plan on doing this project.

Paint Back Of Bookcase

A rich deep purple was my color of choice for this project.

Paint Back Of Bookcase

The plan was one on either side of the crib.

Paint Back Of Bookcase

However, with the flood of light in this room, everything is either extremely over-exposed, or wildly under-exposed.  I’m still working on my photog skillz, so don’t judge me for sucking at room pictures!  The color balance isn’t quite right, but this is the correct shade of purple, pulled straight from Sherwin-Williams’ site.  “Fully Purple” is her name… even though it almost looks a bit navy in my pictures.  I promise, IRL it’s a gorgeous purple.

Sherwin Williams Fully Purple

Aw, symmetry.

Paint Back Of Bookcase

These two are wondering when they get to use the fancy new dog bed/crate…  They are going to be so disappointed.

Paint Back Of Bookcase

Mistakes: Knocking Off a Pottery Barn Mia Faceted-Crystal Pendant

Forgive me, Blogland, for I have sinned.  It has been exactly 15 days since my last blog post.

Being pregnant is the greatest miracle I’ve experienced in my life.  I do my best not to complain.  But you can safely assume that when I go significant amounts of times without writing, it’s because things are a little rough.

But I’m writing today!  So that means things are okay.

Except… I’m in a funk.  Do you ever get in a DIY funk where everything you do seems wrong?  And all I have to say about it is this:
I’m so grateful my blog isn’t big enough to be on GOMI, because they’d for sure be hatin’ on this junk-fest.

I used to not share my major failures on my blog.  1- I was too embarrassed.  2- I didn’t think most people cared.

But at Haven, I was in a class taught by Mandi of VR, Lindsay of Makely School for Girls, and Ashley from The Handmade Home.  They each shared their worst DIY failure stories, and then had the room go around and share theirs.  Hearing some of my big blog idols talk about things not going as they planned made me feel SO much better.  It happens.  Things suck sometimes.  But we were all in tears laughing with each other.  Because it happens to everyone.  DIY bloggers are risk takers.  Sometimes it’s more amazing than you can imagine.  And sometimes it’s poo.

Here’s my poo.

I fell in love with this light fixture from Pottery Barn.

Mia Faceted Crystal Pendent Pottery Barn Knock Off


The price is $250.  Which isn’t horribly unrealistic for a light fixture.  In fact, I bought a more expensive light to hang over our Restoration Hardware table.  (It hasn’t been hung up yet though, so you don’t know what it is!)  But I like to play the high/low game.  I feel like at times it’s worth being spendy on the things that need to last, and things in high traffic areas.  But… this was just for a nursery.  So I wasn’t really keen on the price tag.

I had every intention to knock it off and make my own version.  I scored this beauty at Habitat for Humanity for $1.  ONE DOLLAR.  I spray painted it “Antiqued Brass” (which I am positive will be the new ORB… just wait and see!).  I had the highest of hopes.

Mia Faceted Crystal Pendant Pottery Barn Knock Off

I started hot gluing some beads to the fixture… and it quickly turned into a tacky mardi gras necklace holder.

Mia Faceted Crystal Pendant Pottery Barn Knock Off

And then, all the tears happened.  Because I was sad.  And frustrated.  And bummed.  Honestly, if it wasn’t such a weird shape, I would have drop kicked it in my back yard… like I’ve been known to do with other failures.  In my head, this was going to be the PERFECT knock off.  Just like the glorious wingback rocker.  The good news is, I was only out a few dollars.  The bad news: we still needed a light fixture and I didn’t want to pay $250.

I ended up finding this light at Home Depot for $60 (it’s cheaper in store than online), and thought it was close enough to the same style without breaking the bank.  And flush mount really was a better option for this room.  Keep in mind that Aaron and I are VERY tall people.

Mia Faceted Crystal Pendant Pottery Barn Knock Off

Here it is, on the ceiling… proud and appealing.  (Look out Dr. Seuss)

Still pretty.  Definitely not as lush and divine as the Pottery Barn light.  But I don’t think Evelyn will mind.

Pottery Barn knock off mia faceted crytal flush mount

And if you think I’m done sharing my mistakes, you’re wrong.  There is a part 2, which will be the next post I write.  Lucky you!  I get to make you feel better about yourself 2 posts in a row!

Now, would anyone like to step forward and tell me about a DIY flop?

IKEA Hack: Strandmon Rocker {DIY Wingback Rocking Chair}


Today’s post brings me great pleasure to share!  It’s a secret project I’ve been working on since I was 7 weeks pregnant.

It is my first DIY project for baby Crowder.  (First person to come up with a solid nickname for the IBK Fetus gets a prize!)  I’ve always been in love with wingback rockers.  But dang gina.  You might as well trade your first born child for one, and then, what’s the point?!  haha.  The rocker on the left came from Nurseryworks, and the rocker on the right is from Pottery Barn Kids.

DIY Wingback RockerAnd then, it hit me hard like my pregnant emotions during country music.  I could EASILY make my own wingback rocker.  All I would need to do is find a wingback chair, and some rocking chair runners.  It was so simple.  I thought “surely, this has been done a million times.”  But I googled it hard, and didn’t find anything on the matter.  (But in the Internet’s defense, my googling skillz are weak like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.)

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