Match that BLOGGER! {a contest and RYOBI Father’s Day Giveaway!}

Word up, friends!  Hope your weekend was rockin.  I didn’t throw up once, so I count it as a success 🙂  I am 0ne zillion percent honored to be part of this EXCITING give away today!

We’ve got a special surprise for you today… who doesn’t love a little friendly competition and GIVEAWAY?!?! (there will be a randomly drawn winner in addition to the winner of the contest, so you should enter both ways!)

The premise of this contest stems from the fact that ALL OF US are guilty of Pinning an idea without ever checking the source… guilty as charged! But there are likely pins on your boards that are from your favorite bloggers, and you don’t even KNOW it! (amiright?)

And that’s where the contest comes in:

Contest- Match the Blogger with the Project

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Disneyland Design: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

**This post was supposed to auto post Wednesday.  And it didn’t.  And then I was like “shoot… we’re home now, so I’m not allowed to post Disneyland posts anymore.”  And then I was all “I’m the boss of my blog, and if I still feel high on Disneyland Magic, I can do whatever the fluff I want.”  Celebrate if you must.  Or skip it.  But if you read it, you’re guaranteed to learn something new.  Unless you have an unlimited knowledge of the Magic Kingdom.

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Disneyland.  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

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Disneyland Design: The Haunted Mansion

Greetings from California!

We’re having the best time ever 🙂

Today’s quick Disney Design post is about The Haunted Mansion.  It’s drenched in New Orleans spirit.  The description from the official Disneyland site is as follows:

You are hereby invited to a spirited tour via “buggy” of the home and estate of a prosperous yet departed sea captain whose elegant 19th-century mansion in the New Orleans Square was once the setting for some of the most prominent social gatherings this side of the Mississippi.

I love how New Orleans is a perfect blend of French and American design elements.

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Bringing Our Wedding Home

Two years ago today I married the most wonderful human on the planet.  I have no doubt that Aaron and I were custom made for each other.  There is no one on the Earth who could tolerate and love me so perfectly.  Of that, I am positive.  (I’m quite the terror, I’ve been told.)  He is the ideal life adventure partner.  He’s the Jones to my Indiana.  The Brave to my Toaster.  The Earhart to my Amelia.  The fuel to my Cessna.  The Drew to my Nancy.  The Peeta for my Katniss.  I could go on forever.  Good thing our marriage will… go on forever.

Wow, anyway.  Am I giving you a cavity with all this sweetness?

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Behind Closed Doors

Can I be honest with you for 1.2 minutes?  I’m sure you have noticed I haven’t been wreaking havoc doing projects for the past week or so.  Whelp, I’m quitting blogging.  This is my last ever post.  JUST KIDDING!  Bah!  (Did I scare you??)  If there’s anything I am, a Ginger Spice isn’t one of them… in the quitting sense.

School.  It’s taking over my LIFE.  But I have really really really really really good news.  I will be DONE in 2 weeks.  100% done.  And then I’ll have 99 problems, and school won’t be one of them.  But I have a lot to do between now and then.  Can you be patient with me and my blog while I get through this?  I PROMISE I have some good stuff planned.  I just need to wrap up school and get that piece of paper.

K, THANKS!  I knew you’d be cool with it.  Glad we had that chat.

Now, I need to tell you one of my plans.

We have some fugly doors.  Everywhere.  Faux wood.  And not the trendy fois bois.  Like, 80’s fake wood grain.  And every single interior door in Green Meadow Manor is made of it.

paint faux molding on doors

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Build Your Blog

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know all about how nervous I was for this weekend.  It was an identical feeling to the week leading up to the first day of high school.  You didn’t know what to expect.  You were excited.  You were hopeful about learning new things, and making more friends.  But you were also terrified you wouldn’t fit in.  You were terrified because of how socially awkward you can be.  Terrified you would say and do the wrong things.  Terrified people would laugh at your outfit business cards.

This weekend I went to my first blog conference.  It’s funny because as a blogger, I am extremely open about certain aspects of my life.  But when it comes to things I am legitimately nervous for, I hardly say a word.  I registered for Haven on the day after New Year’s (never once posting about it on the blog or fb), and have had sweaty palms ever since.  Going to Atlanta by myself seems like the craziest thing I would sign up for.

Do you read Six Sisters’ Stuff?  It’s mainly a food blog.  But they have really bomb-A recipes.  They decided to hold a blog conference this year called Build Your Blog.  It was local, for me, in Salt Lake.  I figured I could benefit AND practice for Haven, as to prevent a melt-down when I arrive in Atlanta.

Build Your Blog Conference

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