RYOBI Give Away Winner! Happy Father’s Day!

I can’t thank Beth enough for inviting me to be a part of this give away!  I have had so much fun!

Big HUGE Happy Father’s Day to you, your daddy, your husband, grandpa, brother… ETC! These men deserve to be celebrated!!

And that brings me to the fact that today is THE BIG DAY that we announce the winner of our Massive RYOBI Power Tool Giveaway! Luckily, our little Rafflecopter form did the dirty work for us and pulled up our winner in the most random of fashion! Congrats to (drumroll please!)…

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Match that BLOGGER! {a contest and RYOBI Father’s Day Giveaway!}

Word up, friends!  Hope your weekend was rockin.  I didn’t throw up once, so I count it as a success 🙂  I am 0ne zillion percent honored to be part of this EXCITING give away today!

We’ve got a special surprise for you today… who doesn’t love a little friendly competition and GIVEAWAY?!?! (there will be a randomly drawn winner in addition to the winner of the contest, so you should enter both ways!)

The premise of this contest stems from the fact that ALL OF US are guilty of Pinning an idea without ever checking the source… guilty as charged! But there are likely pins on your boards that are from your favorite bloggers, and you don’t even KNOW it! (amiright?)

And that’s where the contest comes in:

Contest- Match the Blogger with the Project

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DIY Spa Bath Tub Caddy

Luxury For Pennies

Did you guys see that Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw yesterday?  Gnarly.

Valentine’s day is coming up.  And maybe you want to make yourself a gift, for a romantic night to yourself 😉  If that’s what you’re into. It’s way better than sending yourself a dozen roses from a “secret admirer.”

I saw this post by Everyday Simple (look at item #2) featuring different Valentine’s gifts.  The spa-like bath tub caddy stuck out to me, and I thought “Hey!  I am 100% capable of making this for myself.  Do it to it Lars.”

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Trim, Traps, and Pee

Adding Character to the Fireplace

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know that I didn’t post yesterday because of a Mario Kart & Cheez Its hangover.  Turns out, you all love when that happens.  Just imagine stuffing your face with as many Cheez Its as you can, racing your best friends, sitting on the world’s most comfortable couch (Did I ever tell you the cushions were filled with DOWN?  Yes, down-filled cushions.) with the most pixelated game you’ve seen on a projector.  If you counted 4 boxes of Cheez Its in this picture, you’re right.  Bliss.  I’ll make sure to invite you all next time!

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