Gold Scallops Accent Wall

Two weeks ago I showed you the plan for baby Evelyn’s nursery.  Very Imperial, with rich purple and shimmering gold.  When I showed you the mood board, I didn’t tell you where the scallops would be.  Although it was pretty obvious that it was for an accent wall 🙂  But instead of doing gold scallops on white, I wanted white scallops on a gold wall.
Russian Nesting Doll Nursery Mood Board

When it was discovered that I was stenciling, many of my friends, were like “KENZ!  YOU BE CRAY!  STOP HAVING PREGNANCY BRAIN AND REMEMBER HOW MUCH YOU HATED STENCILING LAST TIME!”  Back in the day when only crickets read my blog (mostly because my posts and pictures sucked pretty good!) I stenciled our dining room.  It was awful.  It took me over a month to complete.  The stencil itself was a piece of junk.  I wanted to die.

Painting over a stencil. Dining Room

But when I went to Haven, I met with Royal Design Studio to talk about if stenciling again was worth it.  I told them my ideas for the nursery, and they gave me some great tips and convinced me to go for it!

This time around, I bought a much better quality of stencil (from Royal Design Studio… however, this post is NOT sponsored) and not some cheap-o stencil from Amazon.  When it comes to stencils, you get what you pay for.

Instead of using repositional tack-spray on the back of the stencil like I did the first time, I used painters tape.  It worked MUCH better, and I didn’t have to wash the stencil between each application.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

Finding gold paint in a quantity for an entire wall was sort of challenging.  Obviously I couldn’t spray paint a wall, and you don’t usually find shimmery paint bigger than small couple-ounce sizes (not meant for walls, usually meant for smaller crafts).  Sherwin-Williams had a faux finish that was perfect for the project.  It was a little pricey.  On sale at 30% off, it was just over $20 a quart.  I thought I would only need a quart since I was doing just one small wall.  However, I ended up needing two.  If I knew that, I would have just bought a gallon.

Royal Design Studio recommended using a stencil brush for paint application.  They say to move the brush in a swirling pattern, not a stippling motion.  I practiced on their stencil at Haven, and it worked PERFECTLY there.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

However, the consistency of the faux finish paint is not like regular paint.  It’s a lot thinner.  The swirling of the brush made it look like that icky Tuscan plaster paint that used to be really popular.  So I just went at it with a roller.  It ended up working great.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

I wish my camera could capture the beauty of the gold!  It’s not just gold colored… it looks like gold leaf on the walls.  The nature of the paint makes it look very handcrafted, not manufactured.  So each part of the wall is a little different.  It’s so stunning in real life.  It’s our own little slice of fancy.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

The thing you need to realize about stenciling, is that it is NOT an afternoon activity.  It’s a slow-going process.  You have to wait for each coat to dry, before you apply more paint.  Then wait for that to dry before you can apply the next register of stenciling.  For me, this was great!  There was absolutely no way I could “over do it” on this project, so it’s so much waiting.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

Indy and Buster were happy to help too.  They really love this room.  It’s so bright and sunny.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

The total time it took was about a week and a half.  Really, not bad.  It’s just one of those things that you work on here and there.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

The edges prove to be a little tricky.  You have to bend the stencil.  Be prepared for it to bleed.  But touch up isn’t bad.  Again, it’s just something you need to be aware of when stenciling.  There’s no such thing as perfect stencil application.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

I decided to leave the edged on the top and bottom as they were.  I really liked the way it looks.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

Some people think scallops look like a mermaid tail, but I hold strong to the vision of an army of Russian nesting dolls!

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

The pictures really don’t capture the beauty of the gold shimmers.  But this picture kind of shows how the light shines differently and catches different parts of the wall.

Gold Scallop Accent Wall

Tell me all about your weekend endeavors!

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel {Fall Project}

You guys, I am SO fired up for today’s post!  This is such an easy fall project (or anytime of year project!) that anyone of any skill level can do.  I know, because it was my first time ever.  This is a tale of how I lost Dremel-ginity.

I was contacted by and asked if I’d like to participate in a fall project extravaganza.  I said HECK TO THE YES!  I LOVE  I’ve been using the site forever.  As any true DIYer, I’m always focused on saving money.  And has coupons for everything from groceries to home improvement supplies.  Did you know they even have coupons for POWER TOOLS?!  My favorite ever.  Go look around and I guarantee you’ll find something worth saving money on.

I was able to find a coupon for a Dremel, and I’ve been wanting one FOREVER.  It was like the stars aligned.  What’s so great about a Dremel you ask?  It is the Swiss army knife of power tools.  It’s a multi-tool with interchangeable bits.  To name a few functions, it can etch glass, etch wood, carve wood, burn wood, drill, polish, sand, route and so much more.

I have never used a Dremel before, so when I picked it up, I made sure practice on a block of wood first so I could get the feel for it.

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

For my fall project I wanted to etch a piece of subway art.  I picked up a piece of craft wood 2’X4′ in the hobby section of Home Depot for $6.  I got to staining it right away.

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

I taped the template to the board and lightly traced the outline with the Dremel.

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

The Dremel came with a few standard bits, and I used one of them to etch/carve it out.  For your reference, I used a 192.  It looks like this:

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

After the board was roughed in, I buckled down and started etching.

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

Except, I forgot one MAJOR thing.  I have carpel tunnel.  And using a Dremel kills after about 45 mins.  One thing I’ve learned in all my projects is that you have to be adaptable and change plans sometimes.  I just had to accept that there was no way in the world I would finish the entire board.  To give you an idea of the scale, here it is on the mantle.

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

Yeah.  Not happening.  Dremel, I love you, but I can’t handle that much of you.  So I found a way to change it up and shorten it.

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

It was a shift in gears, but I thought it came together nicely.  It could be an inside sign, but I decided to drill a couple holes and thread some twine through, to hang it on the front door.

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

I would like to thank for providing me with a gift card to Home Depot to get my supplies for this project.  And I encourage you to check out the site so you can score sweet discounts on the same supplies.

But I have extra good news for you!  They are giving away a $200 gift card to a lucky reader!  The give away will be open for a week.  It’s open for US residents only.

These other awesome bloggers are also involved in the Fall Project Extravaganza, and you should definitely check out their awesome fall projects!

How To Etch Wood With A Dremel

Emma – Broke Ass Home
Gretchen – Boxy Colonial 
Fall Projects
So how do you enter for this sweeter than life deal?  Easy, you have 10 entry options.  You can enter up to TEN TIMES!  Follow on Google+, follow the above listed blogs on social media (listed below in the Rafflecopter widget).  Easy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How To Install Laminate Flooring… for dummies and pregnant women

Remember when I told you about this amazing deal on flooring I scored?  If you’re new, that post covers the reasons we went with laminate and the amazing price we got it for from Lumber Liquidators.  Let’s just say that it cost less than a mounted microwave.  With NO compromise on quality.  🙂

Laying laminate flooring is so easy a 5 month pregnant lady on bed rest could do it.  A literal statement.

Each box of flooring had a diagram of instructions in like manner to IKEA.  Aka, no words.  It’s pretty straight forward.

how to install laminate flooring

how to install laminate flooring

how to install laminate flooring

how to install laminate flooring

how to install laminate flooring

Okay.  The biggest thing to be learned from the steps is to make sure to put a doormat down.  You never know when the destruction of ghost feet will find you (as referenced in step 19).

We bought a flooring installation kit for about $15 and I highly recommend you do the same for your flooring installation.

how to install laminate flooring

The spacers go around the edges of the room.  Don’t be worried about gaps.  Your baseboards cover that.

It’s a pretty ingenious idea from IKEA to have the toe-kicks snap on and off.  We ran the flooring under the cabinets and were able to just snap the toe-kicks back on and it looked AMAZING!

how to install laminate flooring

The picture below shows the underlayment we used.  It’s called Traffic Master, and I picked it up at Home Depot.  I bought 600 sq ft for $28 total.  Which is a heck of a lot cheaper than Lumber Liquidators wanted to charge for underlayment.  They wanted to charge $0.40 sq ft.  Almost as much as the flooring itself.  So keep that in mind when pricing flooring.

how to install laminate flooring

When you start a new row, cut a random length, so you get a lovely staggered look.

how to install laminate flooring

The next piece snaps to the previous row nicely, but it’s almost impossible to avoid a gap between the next-door neighbor piece.

how to install laminate flooring

Which is where THIS GUY comes in handy.  Beat it with a hammer a couple times and…

how to install laminate flooring

BAM.  No gap.  Pretty sure this method crossed my mom’s mind a few time when considering braces for us children.

how to install laminate flooring

For the odd shaped pieces that needed to be cut (like for vent holes) we used a jig saw.  It was pretty simple!

Having the same flooring run throughout is like the day I realized wearing make up shouldn’t look like you’re wearing make up.  Bye bye white eye liner.

how to install laminate flooring

And to remember how bad that metaphoric white eye liner really was:

Laminate Flooring

how to install laminate flooringq

Check-in time:

Tree Removal of 120 ft Cottonwoods 

New roof 

-Build new fence (in progress)

Paint ceiling & walls

Install flooring 

-Baseboards + board & batten (supplies purchased)

-**newly added to the list** build new banister (supplies purchased)

Counter top install (done but you haven’t seen it yet, unless you creep on Instagram)

-Back splash (supplies purchased… did you weigh in on the opinion-fest on Facebook?)

We are getting close to being done.  Our new furniture has been arriving.  We have all the rest of the materials purchased, so we are ready to buckle down and get it done!

RYOBI Give Away Winner! Happy Father’s Day!

I can’t thank Beth enough for inviting me to be a part of this give away!  I have had so much fun!

Big HUGE Happy Father’s Day to you, your daddy, your husband, grandpa, brother… ETC! These men deserve to be celebrated!!

And that brings me to the fact that today is THE BIG DAY that we announce the winner of our Massive RYOBI Power Tool Giveaway! Luckily, our little Rafflecopter form did the dirty work for us and pulled up our winner in the most random of fashion! Congrats to (drumroll please!)…

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Match that BLOGGER! {a contest and RYOBI Father’s Day Giveaway!}

Word up, friends!  Hope your weekend was rockin.  I didn’t throw up once, so I count it as a success 🙂  I am 0ne zillion percent honored to be part of this EXCITING give away today!

We’ve got a special surprise for you today… who doesn’t love a little friendly competition and GIVEAWAY?!?! (there will be a randomly drawn winner in addition to the winner of the contest, so you should enter both ways!)

The premise of this contest stems from the fact that ALL OF US are guilty of Pinning an idea without ever checking the source… guilty as charged! But there are likely pins on your boards that are from your favorite bloggers, and you don’t even KNOW it! (amiright?)

And that’s where the contest comes in:

Contest- Match the Blogger with the Project

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NEST Obsessed

Nest.  The Learning Thermostat.

**I swear this is not a sponsored post.  I just get really passionate over thermostats.**

Happy NEW YEAR!  It’s 2013!  Hot dannnnnnng.

For Christmas, Santa Mom & Dad Crowder surprised me and A with a Nest Thermostat.  I was completely surprised.  Like the time Publisher’s Clearinghouse showed up on my doorstep.  Okay, that never happened.  But I’d say the levels of excitement would be the same.

We didn’t ask for one.  But we have been eye-balling the Nest for the past year or so.  Aaron’s parents have had one for about a year and it’s saved them a considerable amount on their energy bill.

If being overly excited about a thermostat is wrong, I don’t want to know what right is.

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Got Milk {Paint}?

Yesterday I was being all whiny about Milk Paint.  It’s a hard life.

I am no stranger at painting furniture.  I’ve even BS-ed mastered the art of no-sand painting.  But I needed to test this much-talked-about heavy-hailed Milk Paint.  Let’s take this Milk Paint for a drive.  This post is my unsponsored, uncensored, untarnished review of said product.

First of all, what is milk paint?  According to Miss Mustard Seed:

Milk Paint is an ancient all-natural paint containing basic ingredients including milk protein (casein), limestone, clay and natural pigments.  It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and contains no VOCs.

Milk Paint can either provide a solid coat of paint, or an authentic chippy look.  If you want a solid coat, you will need to use the bonding agent.  For the chippy look, you are good to go.  No priming or sanding is needed.

Milk Paint comes in a powder form.  I joked that my bag of snow came in the mail.  No one thought that was funny.  Apparently mail-order drugs are no laughing matter.

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My Milk Paint Brings All The Boys To The Yard

The past two days have been a hurricane of love!  Young House Love, more like.  In case you missed it, my painted headboard was featured over on the Celestial Kingdom of blogs.  To all my new visitors & readers: Word up.  I like you, and I want to be friends.  So drop a line,  keep it real, and tell me the latest gossip.

I’ve been dabbling in Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint through the night.  (Remember grandfa-fazza from Thrifty Thursday a skip ago?)

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