Starting Young

Turns out I’ve always had a love for knocking out half walls.

Removing a half wall

That little doll on the left would be yours truly.

Sorry I don’t have any earth-shattering projects for you today.

I have some good stuff planned for Friday.  So come back with your parachute pants cuz  we’re going to get metaphorically crunk.  We gonna who-bang all over the place.  Word.


As you all know, I’m a wild party (link party) girl.  I enjoy going to link parties.  It’s a great way to meet other bloggers and share projects.

Last week, I entered my faux molding paint project in a link party contest at Not Just A Housewife.  There were over 500 entries.

Today I learned that it has been selected as a finalist!  I made the top 10, and I can’t believe it!

Go over to see all the other finalists, and vote for your favorite DIY PROJECT OF 2012.  HERE

And just know that I appreciate every single person who reads my blog.  I hate the term “follower.”  I replace it with “friend.”

So thank you!

My Dream for 2013

I have always been a goal oriented person and a list-maker by nature.  Recently I was reading my old journal.  It’s pretty outrageous and saucy  (and mostly embarrassing).  It’s exploding with teenage angst and drama and “My life is so hard.  This boy doesn’t like me.”  I’m sure if 13 year old Kenz knew I was exposing this, she would slap me hard.  But… I give full permission to expose the nonsense of a young teenage girl’s mind.

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Lights Under Burlap Table-Scape {Kid Friendly}

The date is December 18th.  You don’t need Christmas decor advice.  And I’m sure you also don’t need gift suggestions.  So I’m not going to give you any silly holiday tips to fill space.  I just want to use my blog to document my last minute holiday doings in Green Meadow Manor.  Planning ahead on table-scapes makes too much sense.  I must be the only blogger who is just now getting into table joy.  You’re not like that at all, are you.  You aren’t a procrastinator like me, huh.  You’re much better.

I see pictures of beautiful lavish table-scapes and think:
“Wow, that’s really beautiful, but where do you put the food?”
“Wow, that’s really beautiful, but do these people not have children?”
“Wow, that’s really beautiful, but it looks like they spent their food money at Pier 1 Imports.”
“Wow, that’s really beautiful, but how do you see the person sitting across from your face?”
“Wow, that’s really beautiful, but it’s as ridiculous as the Pope at an Elton John concert.”

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by lavish and flashy table decor?  I do.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!  You just have to move it all when it’s time to eat anyway!  What a waste.

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Ugly Sweater Party

Did you have a fun weekend full of festivities?  I don’t think most people are DIY-ing much this week.  It’s the season to simmer in social situations and over-use the words “Twis” and “Twas.”  The time to enjoy ourselves has arrived.  And I plan on it.  Sorry if you’re disappointed that you won’t be seeing any walls come down in the next two weeks.  It’s time to party like it’s the year 01 AD.  I love Christmas.  I love parties.  Always awesome.  Always rockin.

You are virtually invited to re-live:

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

The theme for our decorations were Winter Wonderland inspired.  It started to look like a baby shower for a boy with all the blue and white.  It’s a boy!  …Too much? Waiting for lightning to strike.

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My Milk Paint Brings All The Boys To The Yard

The past two days have been a hurricane of love!  Young House Love, more like.  In case you missed it, my painted headboard was featured over on the Celestial Kingdom of blogs.  To all my new visitors & readers: Word up.  I like you, and I want to be friends.  So drop a line,  keep it real, and tell me the latest gossip.

I’ve been dabbling in Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint through the night.  (Remember grandfa-fazza from Thrifty Thursday a skip ago?)

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