IKEA Hack: Strandmon Rocker {DIY Wingback Rocking Chair}


Today’s post brings me great pleasure to share!  It’s a secret project I’ve been working on since I was 7 weeks pregnant.

It is my first DIY project for baby Crowder.  (First person to come up with a solid nickname for the IBK Fetus gets a prize!)  I’ve always been in love with wingback rockers.  But dang gina.  You might as well trade your first born child for one, and then, what’s the point?!  haha.  The rocker on the left came from Nurseryworks, and the rocker on the right is from Pottery Barn Kids.

DIY Wingback RockerAnd then, it hit me hard like my pregnant emotions during country music.  I could EASILY make my own wingback rocker.  All I would need to do is find a wingback chair, and some rocking chair runners.  It was so simple.  I thought “surely, this has been done a million times.”  But I googled it hard, and didn’t find anything on the matter.  (But in the Internet’s defense, my googling skillz are weak like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.)

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Deconstructed Ottoman

I’m really excited about today’s post.  We have a guest post brought to us from Jen of The Yellow Brick Cottage.  She is showing us something that she hasn’t even shown on HER blog yet!  Do you feel special?  You should.  Jen is hilarious.  You need to start reading her blog.  She’s incredibly honest and un-sugarcoated.  She knows how to turn a salmonella-carrying reptile into a Ninja Turtle, which is a cooler thing than lemons into lemonade.

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Ultimate Chair Makeover Reveal


Once upon a time, all I could think about was finding the perfect accent chair for the corner of our basement.  In my bouji head, all that would suffice was a Restoration Hardware Versailles chair.  Aaron stopped me from taking out a personal loan in the amount of $2395, so the Versailles wasn’t an option.  I had to keep my eyes open for something quirky, industrial, with good “bones” for an ambush makeover.  One day, whilst on a friends shopping trip, we made a stop at the thrift store.  And as I was wandering the aisles, there it was.  A tiki chair.  And it spoke to me.  Actually, it screamed at me.  “TAKE ME HOME AND MAKE MAGIC TO ME!”  I went Fairy Godmother all over that Cinderella chair.  Here is the tale:

Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki chair, next to RH Versailles chair.

Restoration Hardware Versailles Chair Hack-BURLAP

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