Put the D.I. In DIY {thrift store chic}

Hello!  This is a fun post of before and after pictures, and little tips on how to treasure hunt at thrift stores and turn it into a chic design.

This is the house me and my husband are renting.  We can’t do too much to it, because it’s a rental.  Sorry some of the pictures are horrible, they came from my cell phone, long ago, when a blog was not in my mind.  Here we go!

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How to Make an Ottoman Bench

How to Make an Ottoman Bench in 5 Steps

Total Time:  3 1/2 hrs.
Total Cost:  Just under $50

I really wanted a bench with a cushion to go at the end on our bed.  Something comfy we could sit on while we put our shoes on.  I looked online for AGES, but all I found were really generic things that didn’t really match my taste or decor.  So as always the solution was: DIY.  I didn’t use any pattern to sew the cushion cover, so it got a little tricky at times, but totally doable.  Here is the end product.

Hot to make a really easy ottoman bench

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