My Milk Paint Brings All The Boys To The Yard

The past two days have been a hurricane of love!  Young House Love, more like.  In case you missed it, my painted headboard was featured over on the Celestial Kingdom of blogs.  To all my new visitors & readers: Word up.  I like you, and I want to be friends.  So drop a line,  keep it real, and tell me the latest gossip.

I’ve been dabbling in Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint through the night.  (Remember grandfa-fazza from Thrifty Thursday a skip ago?)

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I Love Lamp… Makeovers.

Thrifty Thursday – Guest Post

Ah Thursday… the prelude to Friday… AND the day we celebrate our thrifty finds.  Cheap things make my heart sing.  This week’s Thrifty Thursday makeover is brought to us by Emma from Broke Ass Home.  Our blog-love-story is a great one.  Brought together by the hands of bloggersphere-fate.  Her and I are new-found soul-cysters.  Not only is she a great blogger, she is turning out to be a great friend!  Emma is the queen of projects on pennies.  Seriously, check her out.  Look her up and down, and give her a wink.  And tell her Kenz sent ya.  Here is the story of how she worked magic on an ugly old lamp:

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Mint Green Intervene

Things That Are Mint:

York Peppermint Patties, Ice Cream, Gum, Money



Welcome to this week’s installment of Thrifty Thursday.  14, count ’em.  Aren’t those plates the sweetest things?  The tag said they were $0.75 each, but I got them for $0.50.  Mmhmm, be jelly of my $7 stack.  The mint green edges are quaint and charming.  Buying mint green kitchen accessories has me jonesing to start this kitchen renovation.  <<Not til after Christmas though 🙁 >>  Picture a clean, bright, white kitchen flooded with light, and mint green dishes.  That’s what my lusty brain wants.

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Cool Breeze, Cheap Squeeze

1950’s Art Deco Westinghouse Fan

This little gem didn’t come from the thrift store.  But it did come from the classifieds, which is equally hailed.  So I concur that it counts for Thrifty Thursday.

1950s art deco westinghouse fan

Look at its sexy profile.  MM HMM!  Nice curves baby doll.
It’s just industrial enough, with a splash of art deco.  It’s a cute little thing.  It gets to live with the little family of treasures in the basement now.

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Hey There Granddaddy!

Ahh, Thrifty Thursday… I like you.  My frugal side is best side.  Smith’s had 5lb bags of cheese on sale for $10.  You are just as excited as I am, right?  Cheese at a price like that is hard to come by, and you know it!

I’m about halfway done with The Ultimate Chair Make Over from last week’s Thrifty Thursday.  You are not going to be disappointed.  It’s going to knock your socks off.

Readers, meet Grandfa-father:

Grandfather Clock Makeover

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