Knock Off Restoration Hardware Art

You all know I would trade my vital organs for Restoration Hardware, right?  Glad we’re clear on that.

Something about that style just pulls me in.  It’s rustic, and quirky, and unique, but traditional, and dark, but neutral and balanced.  I love it.  My eyes could eat it all up.

So far our Restoration Hardware knock offs include: the vintage map, my version of the Versailles chair, and their Slate paint color formula.

I love the idea of gold framed antique documents, like these manuscripts from RH.

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DIY Restoration Hardware Map & Frame

2 Tutorials for the Price of 1!

Restoration Hardware Map Hack - Frame from Reclaimed Wood

I knew from day one that we were going to have some kind of map art in our vintage industrial basement.  Maps and art can get unduly expensive.  So let’s make our own.  I have such longing eyes for all things Restoration Hardware, especially their maps.  I took their maps and used it for my inspiration.  Welcome to my Restoration Hardware Inspired Map Hack.

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Gallery Wall

Five Steps to a Custom Gallery Wall… so easy, you could make it in your sleep!

Total Cost $30

I have seen all sorts of fun gallery walls all over town these days, and thought it was time I made my own.  It’s a simple entry-level spray paint craft that is gorgeous and unique.

How To Make A Gallery Wall

Step One:  Go to the local thrift store and buy all sorts of mis-matched frames ($12 for 12 frames)



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