Chip It! By Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has a fun fun fun toy.  Chip it!  It’s so easy.  You upload a picture, click “chip it”, and it identifies all the colors in the picture with a paint color pallet!  I have had too much fun with this.

For example:  Here is an inspiration piece for our basement

Chip It - basement industrial vintage colors

I believe we are painting the walls a lovely shade of Sealskin.

Here is another Chip It I did for funsies:

Chip It - Sherwin-Williams

You really could chip anything!  Let’s say you have a piece of art you want to be the focal point of a room…. CHIP IT to find complimentary colors.  You could do it with a fabric swatch as well:

Chip It - Sherwin-Williams ikat fabric colors

And my favorite part about Chip It is that you can set up an account, and have difference boards you save your chips too.  Play around with it.  It is so easy and so fun!

For more color options, consider a color fan deck!



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