Color Theory

You Can Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind!

I’ve got a little special something for you today.  I wish it was a pretty piece of jewelry in a special little blue bag.  It’s not a sparkling new necklace, but it’s the next best thing.  A guest post from my good friend Hollie!  Hollie is in design school, and she’s going to teach us all a little about color theory.  Lord knows how much we all love color.  So hopefully you learn a little something you didn’t know before.  Hollie, take it away!


Hello fellow designers and design lovers! My name is Hollie Seegmiller. I am currently at LDS Business College studying Interior Design. Yes, this is my first semester (and it’s not completed) but I just want you all to know that I absolutely love it and that I have learned ten folds as much in nine weeks as I did in three years of high school. When I graduated high school (this past May 2012), I really thought that I knew exactly what I was getting into and that I thought I knew everything. Well, this was a mistake to think because these courses have really kicked my butt, but they sure have been fun! Interior Design is my love and I think we can all agree that it’s too much fun to do! I mean, walking into Lowes or Ethan Allen is like walking into a shoe store, I LOVE IT! Shoes are my weakness, as well as furniture stores and HGTV. (I hope we can all relate because HGTV is the best channel on TV out there!) I know that people will say that you need a degree to be good at something but I believe that anybody can do interior design and have a passion for it, like Kenz and I.

My all time favorite thing about interior design is COLOR! Color is the way that we can express ourselves. Being able to express ourselves, especially with color is a must! I was about thirteen years old when I moved into the basement (what a mile marker in my life) and decided that I wanted to redecorate my room to my favorite colors at the time: purple, aqua blue, hot pink, and lime green. It is still decorated this way but I really liked being able to express myself and to put whatever I wanted (with my mom’s help) into my new room. Color is an expression of who we are and what our interests are and although those colors aren’t my favorite today, I still love the colors of my room. The room looks very teenager-y (I stole Kenz’s word) because of the bright and bold colors but it fits to my age. Now that I am getting older (and a little bit calmer) I will probably tone down the bright colors but still stick with purple (it’s still my favorite color).

Purple and lime green girl room

I absolutely love color and it is amazing to me because every single person does not see the same colors; every single person perceives colors differently. Without light, we could not see color; Light and color are interrelated. Whether you like bright and bold colors or light and soft colors, colors create emotions. You either hate those mustard yellow walls or you love them (I would hate those walls.) We always have opinions of color but we must always remember that opinions are what we, ourselves, think and that they are not right or wrong.

Color Theory Poster

Another neat thing about color is that it can give the optical illusion of making rooms and objects smaller or larger. When you have dark or bright colors, they make a small object appear larger but they make a room appear smaller and when you have light and soft colors, they make a small object appear smaller but they make a room appear larger. Always remember this when decorating a room.

Also remember that color can make or break the room. If you want a soft and serene master bedroom, you would not put a bright purple (which is my opinion, but I hope nobody would do this)! 

Color is my “sub passion” within my passion for Interior Design. I really hope that you had fun learning about color as much as I did. Thanks for reading and happy designing!



Thanks so much for writing Hollie!  We hope to hear more from you in the future.  I totally agree with Hollie.  Colors are the best way to convey emotion.  My favorite is green.  I love the life and energy that comes from that earthy tone.  It’s also the color of money, so…

What is your favorite color and why?

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  • Janel

    Purple is my favorite color, and to be honest I really don’t know why, actually I wasn’t the one who realized it. For Christmas one year my sister in law asked Doug what my favorite color was and he told her purple. One of my gifts from her was a watch she made with a purple band, she told me Doug told her it was my favorite color, it was surprise me to…

    • Haha! Sometimes our husbands know us better than we know ourselves! I love purple. It’s such a deep and pretty color. Lately I’ve really been digging a rich purple color paired with other Moroccan jewel tones.

  • Guest

    Brown is my favorite color! And any earth tones. Sage green, grey

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