Decor In The Office (The Elephants In the Room)

On Wednesday, I was cruel.  I showed you how I made this awesome cork board, but didn’t tell you where I was putting it.

cork board makeover with fabric

I can only imagine how much it’s been bothering you the past two days.  You have been losing sleep over it.  It has been the topic of your dinner conversations.  GOMI has been hating everything about it.  It’s been pinned 50 million times.  Okay, the only true thing is none of that.  But I AM excited to show you a space you have never seen before on the bliggity-blog.

Internet: meet my work office.


I share an office with the most outrageous Asian I know: Hong-Ly.  #SweetAndSour
I adore her with all my being.  I seriously could not function without her.

This is our office before:

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

Snooze-fest right?  It doesn’t take a CSI investigator to figure out that our office needed some fixin.  Do you spy the cork board there on the left?

We had to add another desk into our office, and we carpe diem-ed the day to decorate.

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

Our budget was like Ryan Gosling’s abs- tight tight tight.  We decided to stay within the bounds of Ross to find our office decor.  At first we were pretty frustrated with their selection of decor, but we starting mushing it all together, until we found something that worked.

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

And this is what ended up working for us on the accessory front:

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

And there it sits.  Looking all Moroccan-y.

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

And there’s the beauty board!

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

And if you ever look at my Instagram, you know that this is the stage to my obsession with taking pictures of gluten free lunches and snacks.  I’m sorry.  I really don’t know why I feel the need to take pictures of my food!  But thanks for humoring me 🙂  And now you understand that Ryan helps me not feel left out when I can’t eat bread things that are standard in offices.  Muffins.  Bagels.  Toast.

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

Office Decor

And here’s our cork board in full use.  The fabric is perfect.  It’s the perfect shade of Equity blue, with the same teal that is the ceramic elephant.

Corporate Office Decor on a Budget

Now you know where I sit from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.  Having some decor completely changes the vibe of our office.  And it was only a year and 3 months late!  Is your office/desk at work decorated?  Did you take over a year to do it?

Interiors By Kenz

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  • Love it, looks great. I can imagine it must be much more pleasurable to work in a place where you contributed some decor and homey-feelings!

    • Kenz

      It’s funny how much little touches to your environment can help you get through the day. It just FEELS better in general. It feels like an extension of my home.

  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    Uhhhh I want those elephants. A lot. Like all of them.

    My office is decorated but it’s nothing special. I don’t even have a window 🙂

    • Kenz

      Those elephants are pretty adorbs. I bet your office looks good. Send me a pic 🙂 I’m pretty happy about having those huge windows in my office. I’m very much a natural-light-person.

      • I’ll be heading over to Ross, because I’m obsessed with the elephants!

        • Kenz

          Sometimes Ross has some pretty rad things!

  • eranfaraway

    Those little elephants are adorable — I love the colors! I’m glad you “Kenzed-up” your work space! I need to do something similar in mine. Even the guy who takes my trash commented my cubicle walls are awfully barren. I’m so happy you’re posting regularly again!

    • Kenz

      We love those elephants too! We knew that no matter what we got from Ross, it had to include those little beauts. I bet you could do something pretty awesome with your cubicle. Even b&w engineer prints pinned up. And thanks for being happy I’m writing again. It feels great to do it!

  • I love those elephants.
    . I have 4 batman comics on my office door, a batman figurine & a daenerys figurine on my shelf, and lots of little quotes on my bulletin board. Then since I help students get into college, I have college pennants bordering my ceiling. It all sounds far more grand then it really is.

    • Kenz

      lol, I want to see your office! You need to post a picture! If I was going to your college, I’d want to meet with you in your office. You’re the cool one.

  • Those elephants. I need them. And a place to put them. Your whole office just looks like a happy place to be from 9-5:30! I wonder if I could convince my boss to get a fish tank…

    Also, fantastic Ryan Gosling’s abs reference. And it always makes me happy to see the Ryan/bread picture being put to use 🙂

    • Kenz

      Those elephants are a hit. Everyone wants to steal them from our office. Good thing Hong threatens to cut anyone who thinks about it. We convinced our boss to buy us a fish tank when we broke 4 months of records in a row. So, maybe use breaking records as leverage?

      And… I’ll have you know EVERY TIME I look at that picture of Ryan on my desk, I think of you 🙂

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    Well if you share the office with a kick-ass Asian, I am just going put this question out there: Did you feng shui your money corner with that aquarium? I just NEED to know 🙂

    I love all your changes! The elephants are awesome!! Great finds!

    • Kenz

      lol, not even close. We have the furthest from feng shui office you could have 🙂 Thanks Katja!

  • I wonder if my Ross has elephants! I haven’t had an office since grad school (or before grad school. I’ve only ever had one office!). I don’t think I decorated it at all. But then again, I didn’t have any elephants!

    • Kenz

      It is hard to decorate when there are no elephants!!