DIY Concrete Counter Tops: THE PLAN OF ATTACK!

My Biggest DIY Undertaking is Beginning NOW!

DIY Concrete Counter Tops - building plans

You didn’t think I’d actually do it, did you?!  RUDE!  Well.. I AM DOING IT! I am going to make my own solid surface concrete counter tops, with ALLLLLLL the benefits of granite, quartz, marble… Yeah!  You don’t need hot pads, you can cut veggies right on it, you can have dance parties on it, and it looks JUST AS AWESOME!

To have granite installed in our kitchen would cost $1,500-$3,000, and we have a TINY counter top area.  After coming up with my personalized quote for our kitchen, it will cost us $698.37.  Yeah.. I’ll go with option #2.

Here is my inspiration photo:


I found this picture and VERY detailed instructions here.

Based on those instructions, and other studying I have done, I have come up with my game plan.  I know it won’t be an easy project.  BUT I do know that it will be worth it, and add value to our kitchen.  I plan on giving detailed instructions and tips/tricks I learn on the way.  I want anyone who reads this to feel like it’s something they too can do!

Here is a brief glimpse of my plan:

Step One- Make a Template
-Use cardboard boxes

Step Two- Reinforce Cabinets
-Cement is heavy!

Step Three- Building the Mold
-Use strips of Melamine

Step Four- Prepping for the Pour
-Seal the mold
-Set the concrete wire mesh
-Spread the broken glass (or whatever you plan on decorating with)

Step Five- Pouring the Concrete
-Rent concrete mixer
-Fill the mold
-Vibrate the cement
-Let sit

Step Six- Curing & Polishing
-Disassemble the mold
-Using wet grinder, polish the top side

Step Seven- Install & Finish
-Caulk the cabinet tops

I realize this is a brushed over version of what is going to happen, but now you know the basic process.  Thanks for following me on this journey of madness!