Refinish Furniture Without Sanding

How to Glaze / Refinish Furniture without Sanding

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I love that lovely antique-y look.  It is pleasing to me.  What is not pleasing, is how much antiques cost.  What is even more unpleasing… it thinking about sanding down furniture to refinish and antique it.

I have a solution to those two problems:

-Primer that allows you to get away with ZERO sanding
-Glazing for a distressed antique look

How to Glaze / Refinish Furniture without SandingGrowing up, we had a little baby hutch next to our piano, in which we kept all our piano music.  It was built by my great grandpa Jim Burton.  When I got married, my mom and dad gave it to me to put next to my own piano and keep all my music in.  It was always extra special to me.  But it had certainly been through the wringer.  It was time for a face life.  My mom gave me the OK to finish it.

How to Glaze / Refinish Furniture without Sanding


I used a Rustoleum brand of primer called “Cover-Stain: Oil Based Primer.”  It kills stain and sealer which means no sanding.  YES!  But be prepared.  Something that powerful comes with a price.  I hope you have windows.  It is RANK!  Also.. very sticky.  Just know that you will need to throw away any and all tools used during the process.  And… don’t try to wash it out.  You WILL clog your sink… and you WILL make your husband frustrated.

How to Glaze / Refinish Furniture without SandingAfter I painted the little baby hutch white, I put a nice over all coat of Valspar “Faux- Collection Tintable Glaze,”  all over.  (When you buy this, make sure you ask the Lowe’s People to tint it black for you.) While it was still wet, I took a rag and wiped all the glaze off. It left just the right amount, especially in the details and rough places. (Oops I forgot to take a picture!)

How to Glaze / Refinish Furniture without Sanding



When it was dry, I put new hardware on.
This project took me 2 evenings.  It was extremely fast and easy.  Send me pictures of your refinished/ glazed projects to be featured on my blog!


How to glaze/antique/refinish furniture without sanding

To see another project where no sanding was involved, click here!

Refinish Furniture Without Sanding - HOW TO GLAZE

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  • I love it! It looks amazing!

  • Keshia

    Love! This will be my next project! Beautiful.

  • Keshia

    Beautiful. This is great, I am going to do this soon to two really old end tables we have.

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  • Do the table! Do the table! 😉 Not only do I love your projects, I *LOVE* your writing style!!

    • Kenz

      Hi Gregory. Thanks for stopping by! I really should do the table. I’m waiting until the “real” kitchen reno gets started. Sometimes when we’re in the middle of a reno the design shifts a little, so I want to make sure the table is exactly how we want it! I’m glad you enjoy reading my meanderings. I have a good time writing 🙂

  • Katie

    Will the primer work on any and all woods?? I saw a cheap hutch at IKEA but I want it to be teal, would this process work?!

    • Kenz

      It sure will! it works really great on laminate surfaces as well. let me know how it turns out!

  • Hello! I want to do this project but with a base color of green! What kind of paint do I buy to get this same look?

    • Kenz

      Hey Amber! This would look amazing with green! You must send me pictures 🙂 I used regular latex from Lowe’s. I bought eggshell sheen. Good luck!!

  • Elizabeth


    I love this. But I have a question. I went to lowe’s and got the same glaze and asked them to tint it black. The lady said they weren’t able to tint it black. I’m not sure why but she did say I could get black paint and glaze and mix them myself. Will this work just as well? And what would the ratio to glaze and paint be?


    • Kenz

      Hi Elizabeth! That stinks they wouldn’t tint it for you! They have always done it for me. They always tint stains and glazes at the Lowes I frequent. But you CAN tint it on your own with black paint. For a quart of glaze, I’d maybe start with less than 1/4 cup paint. A little goes a long way. Start mixing in a little at a time until it seems like a good mixture to you. If you need to add more, add more. Good luck!

  • Bobbi

    Just a quick question. You primed it first with the rustoleum-then painted it with latex eggshell-then the black tinted glaze?

    • kenz

      Yep! That’s exactly how we did it!