Empty House Tour

Last post I shared with you some details on why we decided to sell our house.  Something I didn’t touch on was how fast everything happened.  I know this is unusual, and we weren’t expecting it ourselves, but we got an offer after only 1 day on the market.

We had to pack and move so fast.

Interiors By Kenz Moves

We had a little goodbye party for our beloved Green Meadow Manor at the end of moving day.  The opposite of a house warming party?  A house cooling party?  That just sounds so heartless.  Sparklers and bonfires were involved.  There is no other way to say a proper goodbye is there?

Goodbye House Party

Goodbye House Party

Goodbye House Party

I decided that a real live moving house tour was finally in order.  I collaborated with The Von Trapp Family Singers for this one.  Enjoy the next 2 mins and 44 seconds of your life, and sing along if you must.  (I’ll even wave to you at 0:46 if you do.  And you’ll probably see a sleeping baby at 0:55 if you don’t blink!)

If you haven’t caught on by now, I am overly sentimental, especially to the close of a chapter.  I let myself feel every emotion.  Aaron and I decided on the day we were locking the door for the final time, we would sit in each room and say our favorite memories and projects we did in that space.  It was actually really fun to remember all the changes and events that took place.  We started in the basement, and worked our way upstairs.

We laughed about Karl’s “chastity bed” in this room…

Workout Room


We recalled how this was our very first DIY project and also our very last DIY project in our house.

Basement Family Room


I sat in the widow seat and took this picture and thought about every single party and shower that took place here.  Also about how I laid most of this flooring while 5 months pregnant.

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room Kitchen


Together we decided that we’re never go a month without a kitchen sink again.



The place where I sat on the floor holding several positive pregnancy tests in shock, horrified and scared out of my mind to walk into the kitchen and tell Aaron that we were actually going to have a baby.

Hall Bathroom


Our humble sanctuary.

Master Bedroom


But I lost it when we got to the nursery.  I knew I would.  I cried when I was packing up everything from Evelyn’s room.  I cried taking things off the wall.  This is a room I thought I would never get to make, but against all odds, I DID!  Out of everything in our house, I put the most love and thought into this room.  Everything, down to the color selection was symbolic.  (Purple & gold for royalty, fit for the daughter of a King.)



As much as looking at these pictures hurts my heart, I know that it’s just a room.  I still have my real treasure with me 🙂  And she really is such a treasure, that Evelyn Faye.



This house was more than just a house.  We didn’t know that when we moved in.

We bought our house at a time when I didn’t feel like I had a place in the world.  This house gave me something to blog about.  And this blog has given me real life friendships that I cherish more than I have words to describe.  It gave me confidence and allowed me to grow creatively.

All the tears I cried were happy ones.  I feel so much gratitude because I know this house was a blessing in so many ways.

I’m excited thinking about all the new memories and projects and life that will be lived in our new house!

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  • I’m so excited for your next adventure! We have only been in our hose since the end of January, but as little as we have done to it, I would still cry to leave it. It’s our first home! I have been thinking about what it would be like to leave this place since you have been selling yours and I can’t imagine how heartbreaking and yet completely and utterly exciting it is all at once! I’m sure your next home will make this one a distant and subpar memory once you get it! I hope you Aaron and sweet Evelyn are well! Lots of Love <3

    • kenz

      It has definitely been an emotional process! But I’m finally feeling better about it. I hope you are doing well and feeling good little mama!

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    How bitter sweet! I wish you guys the best on your next adventure

    • kenz

      Thank you so much Julia!

  • Aww, this almost made ME cry, and I’ve never even been in your house!

    • kenz

      I always say, if I’m going to cry, I’m not going to do it alone… Actually I’ve never said that. I just wanted to make everyone else cry with me.

  • Loved every minute of this post. What a great video. You almost got ME sentimental about YOUR house 🙂 That was a sweet nursery. Sniffle 🙂 LOVED your video tour *waving back* 🙂 Here is to a new adventure!!

    • kenz

      Sometimes you need just a good heartfelt post in blog land… ? I don’t know. I feel like that post was more for me, to give myself some sort of closure on writing about that house and moving onto the next.

  • I had to catch my breath while watching the video. So touching and what a great idea so that you can look back at it when you want. I’m ready to begin your new journey with you…and share the laughter that you guys always bring.

    • kenz

      It’s true… that was a very fast paced video. I didn’t want it to drag. How exciting could it really be if I was just mozying around my house haha. Thanks for following along! You’re great!

  • Paige Swarbrick

    gosh, you’re going to make me cry! so happy for your new home. the memories of this one will always be with you.
    ALSO. I actually had a housecooling party but it was for moving in, and I thought I was being clever, because Sacramento in June is HOT so I told my guests, I wanted to COOL my house down. ha.

    • kenz

      haha a real house cooling party is such a rad idea! You are quite clever. Thanks for being emo with me 🙂

  • Rita

    Ah, this made me get teary! So impressed to see how much you got done with your home in such a short time. And you made a baby, too! It’s so hard that all new beginnings mean the end of something else, isn’t it? I know you’ll make wonderful memories in your new place, because you’re taking the most important parts of your home with you. Sending you hugs and encouragement–

    • kenz

      Thanks for the hugs my friend. They were definitely needed. I always tell myself I’m being ridiculous when I feel homesick for our old house. We’re in sort of a rough transition right now. But I know it’s temporary, and I can handle that!

  • Tara @ Surburble

    Oh…. Kenzie… you made tears come to my eyes when you talked about the nursery. When I saw the tour (also, Sound of Music things get to me too… remind me of my childhood, yadda yadda…) and you paused at the feature wall in Evelyn’s room…. I got choked up a bit.

    And I am NOT emotional when it comes to houses. What’s happening here?!?!

    Your next adventure is going to be a fantastic one, and I can’t wait to follow along. Even though this house held the first chapter of your life as a family… there is an even more exciting one ahead of you. And now another family gets to put down their roots in the beautiful space you’ve created.

    Love this post, lady. So many good things are coming!

    • kenz

      Thanks for all the love! I still get really emotional over it. I try not to go look at pictures. I’m actually selling a house in the same circle, and every time I have to go over there and see my old house, I choke up. I’m just an overly sentimental person.

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    goodbye GMM! I’m so glad you introduced me to one of my best friends 🙂

    • kenz

      Right back at ya 😀

  • This post made me tear up! Love you all 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new house!!

    • kenz

      Love you!! xoxoxo

  • JaneEllen

    Can’t believe you sold that incredibly awesome house you worked so hard getting updated/improved. One day, that’s fantastic. Will look forward to seeing new home and what you’ll do to it. Or are you looking for home that won’t need work? It’s summer, enjoy for while. Happy summer days.

    • kenz

      It was a really hard decision to make. But we knew it was either now or never. I’ll be posting soon on our next house. It’s going to be different than what most people are expecting, but it works for us! I hope you’re enjoying your summer 🙂

  • Mindy

    Oh my gosh, that was soooooo sad to read!!!!

    • kenz

      It’s a happy kind of sad, right?

  • Okay, I love this video. I loved seeing you wave and your sweet little girl on the floor in your room. I just love it all.

    • kenz

      Thanks Kim! I was so nervous to do a video. I don’t really know why, but it totally put me out of my comfort zone.

  • Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    This was such a fantastic post filled with emotion! LOVE!
    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    • kenz

      Thanks Angela!!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    I’m getting all emotional over here!!! Moving is such a hard thing to do even when you know it’s the right thing. Now I’m off to go cry in the corner. Dang Von Trapp Family get me every time.

    • kenz

      Those Van Trapps really know how to get the tears flowing. Maybe the next chapter (me being homeless) should be put to the track of “Climb Ev’ry Mountain.” Nothing like a singing nun who looks like John Wayne to really move you.

  • kelly @ view along the way

    How weird is it for me to get emotional about this too?! Houses are an emotional thing, fact. Also, yours was (is? I guess it’s not dead?) gorgeous! Lucky, lucky buyers. Congrats on the next chapter!

    • kenz

      Houses are SO emotional! I’m glad I’m not the only one sad to say goodbye to that lovely little house.