Engineer Prints With Excellence

We had a big ugly empty wall in the midst of some big ugly demo.

Engineer Prints

Engineer Prints are the bee’s knees smothered in cheese.  I get mine at Staples, and these are the prices for each size.

18″ by 24″ $1.69
24″ by 36″ $3. 29
30″ by 42″ $4.79
36″ by 48″ $6.59 

I picked up some poster frames (24×36) for my prints.  It was as easy as putting the pictures in the frame, then hanging them up.

Hanging them up was the real challenge, due to the real estate of the wall.  Location, location, location!!!

Creativity runs deep.  DIY scaffolding.

Engineer Prints

Matt held one end.  I held the other.  Aaron held his breath.

Engineer Prints

Aaron is a champion of all things, but spacing, measuring, and leveling in particular.  Then POP.  The pictures went right in their spots on the first try.

Very nice, how much!

Engineer Prints

It was a little tricksy photographing these without a glare.  So in case your curious beyond belief… these are the images we blew up.

Engineer Prints

It fills the negative space.  I dig.  And guess what?  If I get sick of it, I can change it real quick.  You know, since engineer prints cost a million dollars.  They are SUCH a long term design commitment.

Engineer Prints

Engineer Prints


Am I the only one with a weird obsession with EP’s?

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    Okay, so even though those look wonderful- you gave me a heart attack seeing my lovely Aaron hovering preciously up there. I was not okay with that. You’re lucky I love you.

  • I love these! I really need to do this! I just need to find some super awesome photos to use. I have tons of outdoors photos that would look amazing super big in black and white. What does it say on the print on the far left? I can’t read it all.

    • Kenz

      You are an expert photographer, so I KNOW you’ll have some rad images to print. The picture on the far left is in front of the Jordan River Temple in Utah. It’s where Aaron and I got sealed. There are letters on the outside of the temple that say “The House of the Lord. Holiness to the Lord. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Jordan River Temple.”
      Most of the words are cut off in the picture. It’s mostly just me and Aaron being sassy on the benches.

      • i love it! all of these pics are awesome!

        • Kenz

          Thanks love!

  • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    We need close-ups of those pics! The glass reflection makes it hard to see them… and if they’re awesome enough to blow up all ginorm-like, I wanna see those pics!! 🙂

  • yeah, that makes me nervous too! however he looks so nonchalant in those photos. lol Tough!!

    • Kenz

      The toughest!

  • [email protected]

    This is pretty much what I was going to say! I may be a tad bit terrified of heights, so seeing him hovering over CERTAIN DEATH was frightening. But the engineer prints look awesome 🙂

    • Kenz

      You should have seen Matt during this whole process. He was FREAKING out. He honestly thought Aaron was going to die.

  • I’m with the others. The horror of falling kept me from enjoying the prints…until the very end when I realized everyone was safe and sound. They look fantastico!

    • Kenz

      The horror! I should have taken a video of the whole process. It was so intense. haha. The ladder was shaking so bad.

  • Gotta give huge props to Aaron for risking life and limb in the name of art! I love your photo choices, and I have to investigate this whole “Engineered Print” thing. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • Kenz

      The man is crazy. But his wife is probably crazier. I wanted to be the one on the latter, and he was like NO! You’ll definitely love whatever you decide to engineer print.

  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    Also wondering if you need to wrap two more of those canvases to make the line between all the art on that wall more level?

    Yes. I’ve been pondering this all morning. That’s what you get for having me for a friend.

    • Kenz

      I’m actually going to take those down. They were never even meant to stay up this long, lol.

  • I am totalllly engineer printing the crap out of my wedding photos. I love how freaking cheap they are!
    Yours look great there, all your spaces are really coming together 🙂

    • Kenz

      YES! Please engineer print the crap out of your wedding photos! They will look stunning 🙂

  • Kenz

    haha, can you believe **I** was the one who wanted to crawl the ladder? True story.

  • anne @ wit wisdom and food

    I have seen the prints done on pinterest but yours have made me officially want to go out and get some made! I know just the ones I am going to do too.
    Yours look great. I am glad no one was hurt in the making of this post.

    • Kenz

      haha, I’m glad no one was hurt too! You should have some made. You won’t regret it!

  • andrea @

    ohmygodi’mobsessed. i need this like it’s my job. there are a couple pictures we’ve taken on our adventures that need to be huge and awesome. love! =)

    • Kenz

      ANDREA! YES DO IT! Adventure pictures are the best kind of pictures to have engineer printed.

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    That looks so good. I just love your wedding photo! So awesome. I love the spindle stair case and the one of the four of you is so fun! Great picks. I would love to get an EP done 🙂

    • Kenz

      Thanks Katja! You should get some done! So easy and cheap!

  • andi @ delusions of ingenuity

    I have no idea what those are. Now I have something else bloggy to Google while at work. You’re a lifesaver. =D

    • Kenz

      haha, Hi Andi! Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a link to your blog. I’d love to check it out. 🙂

  • Vanlun

    Hi, Kenz
    These are great and love this idea.

    • Kenz

      Thank you!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Those prints are awesome. I kinda feel bad for Aaron. Someone needs to DIY that boy a real scaffold. Who knows what Kenz has up her sleeve next! 😉

    • Kenz

      I feel bad for Aaron too. I make him do the most outrageous things. He had no idea what was coming when he married me. Poor guy.

  • I love me some EP’s! Just wait until Staples catches on to the fact that they’re a blogger’s best friend and jacks up the prices haha

    • Kenz

      That will be the WORST DAY EVER.

  • Mellificent

    Looking at that picture of Aaron on the ladder is making me freak out. So glad he survived!

    I had no idea about Engineered Prints. The people at my Staples are sometimes mean so we’ll see if I can get away with getting prints that way. 🙂

    • Kenz

      Oh hey Millificent! Welcome to the blog. I’m glad Aaron survived too. I promise that they will let you get those images printed for you. You do it at the print counter, and they aren’t allowed to say no 🙂