Cuz She’s So Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh!

There are times in my life where common sense does not prevail.  It’s in-explainable.  In retrospect I’m always like, “Kenz.  You didn’t think that through.  How could using a car GPS in a plane ever be a good idea?  How could a bag of ice be used as an anchor?”   This weekend, I had another “moment.”

It began with my desire to put up the Christmas tree.  However, this is not a tale of decking-the-halls.  “Before I put up the decorations, I should really paint the mantle.  The stockings would look so jolly on a fresh piece of mantle.”  (If you give a Kenz a cookie…)

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

Aaron was out running errands.  I was the only one in Green Meadow Manor.  I had no one to check my idea with.  My plan seemed resourceful enough… to me.

I cleaned out the insert to the best of my ability, using paper towels and the vacuum.  Then I taped off the tile.

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

I would be using Rustoleum’s High Heat Ultra on the insert.

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

I decided to make a garbage-bag tent to protect the rest of the room from over-spray.  It was like a giant bubble.  I climbed in, and sat down, and taped myself in.  (There was no one to stop me.  No one to say, “Kenz, are you sure you want to climb into the fume-chamber of death-to-brain-cells“)

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

I went to town spraying.  And I had an excellent time.  Did I use a mask?  No.  It didn’t even cross my mind.  (Again, bad judgement.)  That peyote chamber was a triiiiiiiiiip.  The rest of the day is a foggy haze.  The rest of this story is recanted to me by other members of the Green Meadow Manor household.  They all started showing up when I was half-way through my spraying frenzy.  When asked how I felt, I replied in a giggle fit saying “CURVED!”   … Curved?

According to Aaron and Karl, I was all giggles for the rest of the night.  Sources say that I looked like a coal miner.  I kept saying “No!  It’s a nice tan!”  Here’s what I thought I looked like.  (I honestly thought that was a “nice” tan…. looking through the eyes of spray-paint goggles.)

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

My favorite ‘under the spray paint influence’ self portrait.  Those eyes… haha!  And the black nostrils + 5 o’clock spray-paint shadow.

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

Again, I do not remember taking these pictures.  At all.  I also do not remember being adamant about not washing my face before getting gyros for dinner.  Yes… I went out in public like this.  And according to Aaron and Karl, I had a great & giggly time.

The next morning, my lungs killed.  It literally felt like I had the black lung.  (And I probably did, considering the spray paint was black, and I breathed in about 2 cans worth.)  “I’ve got the black lung pa.  *cough*cough*”  I had a residual headache for days.

Let this be a lesson to all.  Enclosing yourself in a non-ventilated bubble to spray paint, without wearing a mask is nothing short of idiotic.

And because everybody loves a good montage… (montage music/my theme song of the weekend)

Fireplace Makeover

But we carried on with the fireplace makeover, when I returned to my senses.  We primed, then sanded with 400 grit sandpaper.  Then we proceeded with painting is Snowbound White by Sherwin-Williams.  Between each coat, we sanded with 400 grit.  It removes brush marks and gives it a smoother more professional finish.  Don’t skip this step.

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

This was all we were planning on doing.  Just paint.  But after painting, the tile stuck out in the most ugly way.  It looks like dirty nonsense.  This time, a much better idea struck us:  Bead board!  So in no time at all, we cut bead board to fit, and adhered it with liquid nails.  That stuff sticks like the Bubonic Plague to the 1300’s.

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

We have a little trim to put around it, but you have to admit it looks 1810 times better than the dirty tile.

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

Candles were lit, and magic moments were had.

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

cheap and easy fireplace makeover _ rustoleum high heat ultra

It completely transforms the room.  It looks 10 years younger… but not the “Botox 10 years younger” look.  Just the regular kind.  We already had the primer, paint and bead board.  The only thing we bought was the spray paint.  So the total cost of this makeover was $10 and several brain cells.  We still need to put some trim around the bead board.

What “personal sacrifices” have you made for the good of a project?

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    ACK! I love it. I LOVEEEE it. It makes the room look so much bigger.

  • So THIS is why Hobby Lobby won’t sell spray paint to people under 18! 😉 Well, since you survived, it’s a hilarious story. And it looks SO GOOD!

    • lol!!! It’s so true! Forget tagging… they are more worried about huffing-house-wives. Thanks for stopping by Gretchen 🙂 I’m still in love with your plates….

  • love love love it! it looks so good!and the stools look really nice right in front of it too.

    I did my very first spray paint project in the living room, with the windows closed, because it was cold outside. It was no stoner tent, but man was I weird (so I’ve heard) for a few hours. Whoopsie.

  • Jeanette Knight

    Love this! It turned out amazing!

  • It looks AMAZING. Totally changed the way your living room looks. Wow!

    I might have gotten completely high painting my grandmother’s basement…I really didn’t think painting in a completely airless space sounded like a bad idea.

    • Thanks Trace 🙂 I love the way it looks.

      I’m soooooo glad I”m not the only one who has painted without fresh air. It’s probably a ‘right brain’ thing 🙂

  • Caitlind Geddes

    Looks amazing! Great job! Found you on StumbledUpon!

    • Thanks Caitlind! I’m glad you found us. I hope you stick around. We have lots of fun over here. Do you have a blog? I’d love to follow you!

  • Hahaha! You look great as a miner 😀 (and the fireplace looks amazing, so fresh!)

    • lol, oh yeah! I’m definitely going to be staying away from the “cole miner” look for awhile. Also… the stone look. That’s not for me either! haha. I’m glad you like the fireplace. I like it too 🙂

  • Shantalle

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it!

    • Thanks Shantalle! I love it too. Make sure to keep coming back. Do you have a blog? I’d love to check it out!

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  • Inspire Me Heather

    Woah, sooo much better in white – nice job!!

    • Thanks Inspire Me Heather! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stick around. Do you have a blog I can follow you at?

  • Jen

    I just found your blog through a linky party and I LOVED this post. Mostly because I was reading it thinking, “See!! someone else does silly stuff before giving it the “full review” when doing DIY-home-decor-crap!” Thanks for the laugh and I love your blog 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets a little cray. Do you have a blog? I’d love to check out your silliness 🙂

      • I do! It’s 🙂 It’s kind of a new spin off of another blog that I write, so there isn’t much on there right now, but the other blog definitely has a lot of my life-holy-crap-I-did-WHAT? moments and there’s a link to it! Love your newest post, by the way!!

        • Jen, I LOVE your blog! I really love that faux fireplace. I’m all about faux these days 🙂 I am your newest reader!

  • Forrealz

    Bead board is not to code. There is a reason fireplace surrounds are either tile or stone-it is not flammable. That part of your house will not pass inspection when you go to sell it.

    • We actually don’t use our fireplace for fires. When we bought the house, the chimney didn’t work properly. There’s something wrong with the damper. So real fires aren’t save anyway. The fireplace/mantle are there to look pretty. We are doing a kitchen reno after Christmas, and having a gas line run for a stove. At that time we’re having a gas line run to the fireplace so we can get an insert. We plan on doing a marble surround. It just wasn’t in the budget at the moment. But thanks for being concerned with our safety and resale!

  • Paula-Riverton Housewives

    I laughed so hard reading this I was snorting! I guess the only reason it’s fun is because you are okay now! 🙂 We’d love for you to link this at our party!

    • Lol, glad I wasn’t the only one snorting 🙂 Thanks for the invite to the party. I’m a party girl!

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  • I just finished a fireplace rehab job MINUS the insert painting part, so I loved seeing your post. I got a giggle! I have a “cosmetic only” fireplace also, but more because I’m married to a firefighter that is paranoid about using it for an actual fire. I’m also a Restoration Hardware junkie, and had a mantle with ugly tile that I had previously painted (yep. I painted ceramic tile). It needed a change. So I used one of those RH zinc finish tutorials from Pinterest and gave it a vintage zinc look, using upholstery tacks I faux painted for rivets. LOVE it. Also loving your blog. Love your sense of humor – you make me smile!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Clair. You are so rad. You need to send me a link so I can see your fireplace!! It sounds amazing!

  • Ali

    I just saw this on pinterest and love it. What did you use to cut your bead board out? Did you have to use a saw?

    • Kenz

      We used a jig saw to cut it to shape. I’m not sure if there is a way to do it without a saw. But jig saws are pretty inexpensive tools. You can get one for around $30.

  • Danielle

    Hahaha, love this post! Not only an amazing idea, but your peyote tent… hahaha, hopefully your brain hasn’t suffered too much from the chemicals! did your tent really keep out overspray from the rest of the room? I’ve always had bad luck with overspray 🙁

    • Danielle

      (like that time I redid my shower in my bathroom and all my white tile grout became this lovely mud oil rubbed bronze color :-(. so in my DIY blog, I’m always saying “NOTHING IS SAFE FROM YOUR OVERSPRAY AGGHHH!” 😛

    • kenz

      hahaha I’m glad you can relate! I think I’m just barely now (over a year later) starting to get my brain back together. As terrible of an idea that my tent was, it really did work protecting the living room from over spray. I later learned that they have high heat ultra in a normal can that you can pour and roll with roller brush. I definitely should have done that instead!

  • Ally

    Beautiful! I have a similar fireplace I’m going to be refinishing. What’s the length of yours?

    • kenz

      Hi Ally! Good luck refinishing yours. We actually don’t live there anymore, and I never took measurements. Whoops!