Oppa Candy Style!

Last night we had a hot date at the ballet.  The only way we could have been more classy would be if we had been made of monocles.  People made of monocles… that’s just silly.

Christmas Dates - The NutcrackerI love going to the ballet.  It’s heart melting to see the mums and dads taking their tiny humans to the ballet.  Seeing them all dressed up in their small dresses and little suits.  I can’t wait to be a mother and shhh my babies while they giggle at the men in tights.

I am doing my best to enjoy myself and not stress out this Season.  I have been doing the 12 days of Christmas for my household.  And the first day of Christmas was one “Green Meadow Manor Gingerbread House Kit.”

12 days of Christmas for a family

I present to you: Green Meadow Manor Oppa Candy Style! Heyyyy sexy Candy!

Big gingerbread house

Karl’s side of the house got infested with chicken pox.  Or it’s just special.  You decide.

Big gingerbread house

Aaron and our nephew decorated the backside.  It’s sword-fighting gingerbread people if you couldn’t tell.

Big gingerbread house

Check out the returns on the dormer.  Yeah.  We’re getting architectural up in the hizouse!

Big gingerbread house

It was my first ever collaborated candy house.  I can see this tradition catching on fire like Katniss Everdeen.

You guys havin’ fun these days?  Tell me what you’ve been up to 🙂

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    Candy AND the Ballet? You’re spoiled.

    • I’m positive I ate more candy than what ended up on the house. I’m a fatty! And Aaron and his brother and dad do volunteer work for the IT department for the ballet, so we get some pretty sweet hook ups.

  • Hi, Kenz

    I love it! I was making one with my little girl that I just picked up at Walmart, ugh after 4 hrs we gave up and threw it in the trash. What a piece of junk, never will I buy a kit again. My girl was so bummed, but I am going to do what you did. Thanks for sharing and I love the ballet, took my girl and she loved it. Merry Christmas.



    • I’ve never bought one of the kits before. I almost did this time, but it wasn’t “big enough” for what my vision was. lol. We just used a box and frosted it and stuck the grahms all over. I’m glad you were able to take your daughter to the ballet. It seriously melts my heart to see their eyes light up while they are watching the magic on stage. It’s like they get sucked right in! Merry Christmas V!

      • I know what you mean. Best part are seats where three rows from the stage. So everything was bigger to her. Too cute! Merry Christmas.

  • That’s pretty much ridiculously adorable.

    • Thanks Tracie! I think Aaron, Matt, Karl and Addi are slightly annoyed with how I’ve been acting lately, making them participate in all the Christmas activities. lol

  • eranfaraway

    I love that it was a team effort! When we were kids my Mom was sweet enough to try to do one year after year, only to loose it to gravity or ants. Is yours made out of graham crackers?

    • lol *knock on wood* but we haven’t had an ant problem in our house. Praise the Lord. I hope it stays that way! And it it indeed made out of grahm crackers, but it’s not standing on its own. We “glued” the grahms to a box with frosting. Is that cheating?

      • eranfaraway

        Does the cardboard box peel off with the frosting? I don’t think it’s cheating, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the beautiful tasty treat you created!

        I am so glad you haven’t had to deal with ants.

        • The cardboard didn’t peel at all. It actually made making it REALLY easy. The grahams didn’t slide out of place either. Everything stayed nice and put 🙂

  • Haha, adorable! But is it made of gingerbread? Or did you just poke it before you but it in the oven, since its a lot of little bumps? 😛 When I was little we always made the house in the middle of december, and crashed it to pieces on new years eve and ate it 😀

    • We didn’t use real gingerbread. I’m actually allergic to cinnamon, so we decided to go the easy road and use graham crackers. I LOVE that tradition of crashing it to pieces and eating it on New Years eve. I never know what to do with candy houses at the end of the holidays, so I end up awkwardly throwing it away.