Hey There Granddaddy!

Ahh, Thrifty Thursday… I like you.  My frugal side is best side.  Smith’s had 5lb bags of cheese on sale for $10.  You are just as excited as I am, right?  Cheese at a price like that is hard to come by, and you know it!

I’m about halfway done with The Ultimate Chair Make Over from last week’s Thrifty Thursday.  You are not going to be disappointed.  It’s going to knock your socks off.

Readers, meet Grandfa-father:

Grandfather Clock Makeover

He was meant to come to our home.  Yeah? (The front room is something of a blank slate right now. Exceedingly barren.)

Grandfather Clock Makeover

Oh Granddaddy.  He’s cheap, old, and worn out, but I can see his potential.  Can you?  Should I “rustic refinish” it?  Gray-wash it, antique it, and throw it in the basement with all our other “antiques?”  Should I paint it white, and have it be a modern piece for the front room?  Should I take out the clock mechanism and make shelves in the middle?  Should I paint it a bright bold fun color?  SO many ideas.  I need help.  Here are some clock make overs I found.  I am open for any and all suggestions.

How about this antique blue clock?  I love the way Annie Sloan chalk paint looks.


Mandi from Vintage Revivals is the best.  And she did this clock makeover.  Imaging how modern grandfather would look sporting a yellow coat.

Cuckoo Clock Makeover @ Vintage Revivals



Paint it white, like this guy.


I am desperate for your suggestions.   Let your opinions come rolling in.


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  • Julie

    That’s a hard one but I like the shelves. But whatever you do it’s going to look amazing !

    • Aaron likes the idea of turning it into a shelving unit as well. So many options! I am frazzled.

      • CrowderSoup

        I think Shelves + clock up top would be really good.

  • eranfaraway

    I love how the mechanism looks! If you take it out, mail it to me! But if I were you I would leave it in. Have you thought about using Mandi’s foil wrapping tutorial on it? I think that would look killer.

    • Oh I didn’t even think of that! Brilliant!!! I want to leave the clockwork in… It’s the Mr that wants to take it out. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  • Christine Diamond

    I really like the shelf idea! And giving it a bold (but not too exotic 😉 ) color would be fun in the natural colors of the room.

  • Katie

    Color! But don’t nix the inside that’s the best part!!

  • CaitlinJ

    I vote shelves + clock mechanism. You could shorten the chains and pendulum (maybe?) like the woman that painted the cuckoo clock yellow–which I love!

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