HGTV Design Star 2012 Highlights

Let’s face it.  I, like many others in the DIY/design world, am an HGTV addict.  I get so inspired by many of the creative ideas I see on Property Brothers, Income Property, Love It or List It, and so on…  But my favorite show that I look forward to each year:  Design Star!

It has been such a great season!  The season finale was excellent.  Both Britany and Danielle had excellent pilot episodes.  I AM SO HAPPY THAT DANIELLE WON!  She is a great designer, and has a great TV personality.  I am excited for her show.

danielle design star winner 2012

Here are some of my favorite moments from this season:

Week One: Rachel’s white moose head on the black wall.  It was so modern!  It made me crave a faux taxidermy project.

week one design star 2012

Week Two: Rachel’s white room where she demonstrated layering bold graphics.  It was eye candy.

Design Star 2012 Highlights

Week Three:  In Stanley’s & Rachel’s office for Mama Kardashian I LOVVVVED the green tufted couch.

Design Star 2012 Highlights

Week Four: Stanley’s & Britany’s chevron fence was completely ingenious!

Design Star 2012 Highlights

Week Five: Danielle’s Art Deco lounge.  Incredibly classy.

Design Star 2012 Highlights

Week Six: Danielle’s and Britany’s kitchen was gorgeous, especially Danielle’s shelve unit!

Design Star 2012 Highlights

Week Seven: Britany’s dining room.  In fact.. we are going to do this color scheme in our front room.  And that light fixture *DROOL*

Design Star 2012 Highlights

Week Eight:  Britany’s yurt.  SO Relaxing and Serene

Design Star 2012 Highlights

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What was your favorite Design Star moment?


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