Holy Mother Of October

Did everyone have a good weekend?  I did.  Still picking splinters out of my hands from my baby barn door project.  If you’ve followed me on Facebook, you’ll know I made great progress with that endeavor.  In fact, the doors are all done.  What isn’t done, is priming/painting the nook cubbies.  So once that is stomped out, we can proceed with the hanging.

If you didn’t know, October is a big month for Green Meadow Manor.  We moved our belongings on HALLOWEEN last year.  It made for a very interesting (who am I kidding) crappy moving experience.  (There was literally, no other choice.  A post about that cluster will soon appear on GMM.)  So we’re coming up on our year mark of living in our house.  This month the festivities will include rolling out a home tour for you, and a series of before and after pictures.

Here’s what else needs to be done this month:

  • Finishing touches on the nook
    -Hang the barn doors
    -Install bead board & paint it
    -Hang new light fixture
    -Make the “no-sew” cushion and pillows

*this is the picture I texted to my mum, dad, Bob, and Matt: “Look out stormin’ Normin, you’ve got competition.” My loving mum replied all saying “Hugs and kisses, call me before church.”


To jog your mem’ry… here is the window in need of dressing:

Vintage Industrial Basement

I have already concluded the curtains are going to contain burlap.  The color ties in with the couch, and the texture ties in with the chair.  It will provide a nice light contrast from the Urbane Bronze walls.  But instead of straight burlap top to bottom, I’m mulling over the idea of color blocking them.  A medium-light gray on bottom… and possibly on the top.  What do you think?  IS THAT AN AWFUL IDEA?  Stop me now if the answer is yes.  I would hate for my beloved basement to look like a fudge puddle.

Imagine my curtains like this, only the white would be a medium to light gray.  Yeah?

color block curtains

Photo Cred: West Elm

 Luckily we don’t have toooooo many October projects lined up.  It will be fun to tie up the loose basement ends.  And seriously, let me know your thoughts on those curtains.  I need your opinions like I need a Dr Pepper right now.
Peace and blessins! 

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  • eranfaraway

    If I were you (which I’m not, so feel free to ignore me) I would dip dye them in the color that you want to be your pop of color in that room. Does that make any sense? That was a horribly structured sentence. I’ just not sure how a medium grey would look against that paint color

    • Oooo that’s a good idea! I really appreciate your input. Dip-dyeing sounds like a fun adventure. I could also put out some throw pillows with the same color. I like where you’re going with this.

  • Cheryl

    I just came across your blog – liking it so far. I echo the comment that you need some color in the room. If you have your heart set on burlap, go for the dying but really, I would just source another type of fabric if possible.

    • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by. I was trying to go for the whole “Restoration Hardware layering neutrals with no color” look… but I think I need to shake it up. I appreciate your opinion. I’m thinking a rug with color would also make a nice little pop.