Home Organization, According to the Berenstain Bears

What I learned from their messy room…

berenstain bears messyroom

I found this really great article from Apartment Therapy that made my heart smile.  All growing up my sisters and I would watch VHS tapes of the Berenstain Bears and read the books.  They were literally my FAVORITE!  I can’t wait til I can show my babies wholesome things such as this.  Here are some highlights from the AT’s article.


1.  You really can’t have fun or relax in a room that’s such a terrible mess.
All is not well in the treehouse on the sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country. Brother and Sister Bear’s refusal to take responsibility for the escalating mess in their room causes a bit of an altercation when Mama Bear, fed up with always picking up after her messy kids, threatens to throw everything away. In the midst of the storm, in comes Papa bear with these words of wisdom. Are you guilty? I’m guilty of living in an increasingly messy house, endlessly rationalizing. “I’m really busy right now.” “This is just the way I live.” But cleaning your room (or your house) really will make you more relaxed and happy. Papa Bear knows.


2. Sometimes it’s good to get rid of things.
While Mama Bear doesn’t end up throwing away all of the cubs’ things, there are a few items that make the throwaway box.

Home Organization - Berenstain Bears

3.  Make your storage pretty.
Papa Bear helps the cubs build lovely pastel-colored boexes that seem to nest perfectly into the cubs’ closet.

Home Organization - Berenstain Bears

4.  A Place For Everything
…and everything in its place. You know the drill. Nothing illustrates this more dramatically than the before and after of Brother and Sister Bear’s fictional room. Just look at it — puppets and sporting goods on the pegboard, art hung neatly on the wall, dinosaurs on their own special dinosaur shelf. Genius.

5.  Label Everything
It doesn’t really help if all your stuff is neatly nested into boxes in the closet if you can’t figure out which one your favorite sweater is in and have to open all 52 of them. I credit this book with my near-fanatical need to label every piece of storage in my house. It’s a huge help.

6. Pegboards are totally boss.
Papa hangs one in the cubs’ room. I was jealous of that pegboard for years.


Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!



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