Home Tour: Addi’s Glam-tastic Room

Hullo.  Do you guys ever feel burnt out?  Are you an avid DIY blog reader?  I am.  And sometimes I feel like the DIY Blog-o-sphere is an over-achievers club.  And sometimes, it’s really REALLY overwhelming.  There’s a lot of self-induced pressure to keep up on projects and have hand crafted toilet paper.  It’s like I’m my own shaking bottle of Fanta… except I don’t have a sweet hot white faux leather body suit… I’m just metaphorically a bottle of soda shimmying my way through blogging.  When I start feeling like this, I remind myself why I started blogging.  I didn’t start blogging to keep up with other bloggers.  I started blogging because I wanted to write about my projects and my house.  Keep a house journal if you will.  I don’t do projects so that I have something to write about.  I do projects that I actually want to do, then write about it as an afterthought.  Just keeping it real.  I am human dancer.  (My sign is vital.)

That being said, I didn’t do even ONE project this weekend.  I wanted a weekend to relax.  I deserved it.  I was planning on using some milkpaint, but I didn’t feel like it.  So I didn’t.  And you know what?  It was glorious.  I felt like the queen.  I encourage you, if you feel overwhelmed to “keep up” to take a step back and relax.  I cuddled with my puppy-children a lot.  I always keep my camera close by, and here are some moments I had with them.

 I love this picture of the back of Indy’s head.  His ear always turns inside out.  I feel like this picture shows a lot of his personality without even showing his face.  The back of my head surely couldn’t tell this great of a story.

Maltese Mutt

Buster… getting all up in my face and melting my heart.  Don’t you love his run away face fur?

Maltese Mutt

When they play, you can’t tell where one dog stops and the other begins… like cursive?

Maltese Mutt

Maltese Mutt

Back to what this post was originally subject to:  Addison’s Bedroom.  

I haven’t updated the home tour in a little bit, so naturally today was do-it day.  Er…

It was originally this terrific shade periwinkle blue with a butterfly border.  I’m sure this looked super cute in a little girl’s room… but Addi wasn’t keen on keeping it.

Girl Room Makeover

This is Addi’s design:

Girl Room Makeover

One of the challenges of this room is the lack of natural light.  There is almost none, even at the brightest time of day.  The window is the smallest window in the house, and it’s also under a bay window, facing the north.  But her design helps it feel bright and energetic.

Girl Room Makeover

Everything about this room screams ADDILICIOUS!

Girl Room Makeover

And if you couldn’t tell… Addi really loves damask.

Did you have a productive weekend?  Or did you just enjoy cuddling your loved ones like me?  Bonus points if you did BOTH!

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    That is a serious transformation. Also, Indy and Buster can come live with me.

    • No joke. Addi doesn’t mess around. Indy & Buster would love a play date with Sea, Tea, and Bridget

  • Heather

    I love that you had the courage to say it out loud! 🙂 I’m not a blogger but a newbie diy’er/crafter and have been a bit worn out lately but felt like if I wasn’t crafting or redesigning something I wasn’t being productive. Wow…that was a heck of a run on sentence. So tonight I think I will go home and be “lazy”. BTW I love your babies. They are too stinkin cute!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs a solid break without feeling guilty 🙂 That is something you and I definitely have in common! I hope you enjoy your “lazy” night! And thanks… I love those pups a ridiculous amount.

  • Emily’s ear does that too! Maybe its a poodle trait? But you get AMAZING projects done on the regular. You totally deserved a weekend off.

    • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

      Teagan does too! Do you think she’s part poodle…. 😉 (my mutt is a mystery)

    • Thanks Tracie! I gotta tell ya, it was beautiful doing nothing! We think Indy might be mixed with a poodle. He definitely has the energy like one. He REALLY looks like a poodle with this hair cut. When he has is longer he looks more like a Maltese. But we’ll never know what he’s mixed with. We’re pretty sure Buster is mixed with a pug. He’s got the underbite, the curly tail, the small folded ears, and his back legs are really spread apart.

  • mk_marie

    Are your dogs poodles or Maltese? Either way I love them and send them my internet love!

    It’s great to have a weekend to unwind or focus on an outlet, by doing things like taking photos and settling down a bit you’re subconsciously jump starting your inspiration. I’m a full on believer of relaxing for the creative good!

    My weekend has been full of digital painting for a final I have due in two days so no relaxing here 🙁 I’ve been trying to record myself doing it which makes things interesting (it has jellyfish though so it’s all worth it)

    Also, great room. Girl’s got some style going on in there!

    • Hello Ms M! The pups are Maltese mutts. Pretty sure Indy has an element of poodle in him. But when his hair is longer he really looks like a Maltese. They send their love right back 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more with the theory of relaxing for the creative good. I find that when I’m not “burnt out” I get my brightest ideas.

      Good luck with your digital painting for your final! That sounds intense! Are you a graphic designer? I might have to hit you up for some contract work if you are. I’ve been scouting out graphic designers for awhile with NO success. Anything with a jellyfish in it is cool in my book.

      Addi is definitely stylish! She is one of those girls that always has a cute outfit put together with all the right accessories from her head to her toe. Not me… I’m lucky if I’m wearing shoes.

      • mk_marie

        Yes I am. I actually work for Ksl as a broadcast designer. Send me an email with what you need and maybe I can help!

        (Mwoolsey [email protected])

        • K I will! We’re needing a good graphic designer for our new blog re-design in the works. I’ll shoot you an email in a little bit! Thanks!

  • I think December is notoriously the month when I start feeling too lazy to start new projects- there’s just so much other stuff going on! Instead of doing something big my goal is to wrap up everything I’ve been too lazy to do so I don’t go into 2013 with unnecessary nags! 🙂

    ALSO your dogs are beyond adorable.

    • That is a FANTASTIC goal! I really should make mine the same (aka- finish that huggin’ nook.)

  • Pendra

    Addi should be a Interior Designer if she designed that beautiful space, so organized and clean! My Grandaughters both have the most beautiful sense of style when it comes to dressing, make up, hair but when it comes to their rooms…SLOBS! No joke! Kiss those beautiful furbabies!
    Crafty Hugs,

    • Haha! I know what you mean about being a slob! I grew up in a house with all sisters 🙂 Addi does have a great sense of style. She is a wonderful tenant and friend. Have a great evening Pendra!

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