Home Tour: Basement Office

Yo.  What it is.  What.  It.  Is.

It’s Friday homies.  Let’s hug over it.

Quick recap.  This used to be Aaron’s office:


And directly under that used to be Addi’s room:

Girl Room Makeover

Addi no longer lives with us, so we were faced with an empty room on our hands.  This room doesn’t get hardly any natural light, because the window for this room, is right under the bay window from upstairs.


So the sun is shaded all day long, not to mention the window faces North.  It’s just dark.  If you know anything about computer programmers, they never turn on the light.  Like, when I visit Aaron’s office in the day, the whole IT department has the lights off.  It’s a nerd thing.  A bundle of vampires.  So he decided this room would be a better office for his vampire needs.  He started moving his stuff down before I could repaint.  So he’s stuck with it.  It’s not the best paint job ever, and I’m sure one day we’ll get around to painting it exactly how Aaron wants it.

After this move, here’s his new office.

DIY Home Office

I was allowed a small section of wall to hang my pilot certificate and other aviation paraphernalia.

Oh, and the file cabinet totally clashes now.  Since I’m on a spray painting kick…

DIY Home Office

I’m sure by now you noticed Aaron’s inappropriate art that his loving wife got him for Christmas.  I usually try to keep the blog PG, so I apologize for the f-bomb.  If it makes it any better, it’s balanced out by his mission plaque on the left.  That’s just the kind of person Aaron is.  I love every bit of him.

DIY Home Office

He was kind enough to let me have a blogging corner.  The truth is, I despise working from a desk.  Most of the time I use my lap top on the couch or in bed.  But on the off chance I DO want a work space, I have one.

DIY Home Office

This is a much better office and man cave than upstairs.  The sun burned his retinas.  Now he can work in true programmer fashion.

DIY Home Office

Got any weekend plans?  Do tell.

Interiors By Kenz

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    As someone who works in IT I totally know the “they’re vampires” thing. I do not understand it at all. I am the only one in my office who keeps my lights on. Aaron’s office works surprisingly well in Addi’s old room!

    • Kenz

      I’m surprised at how well his office works in this room. I think it’s hilarious that he loves all the lights off. I’m the complete opposite. I want every single light on all the time. I like it BRIGHT!

  • Heather

    What do you have in store for the empty room upstairs now??

    • Kenz

      It’s a surprise! You’ll see soon though 🙂

  • Paige Swarbrick

    the office looks great! and I love that poster. if you want to share where you got it, I could see my boyfriend enjoying it as a gift… haha 🙂 also, I have a friend that’s a graphic designer and she said they keep the lights low because florescent light can alter the colors on the screen! interesting facts, here, I swear. 😉


    • Kenz

      AHHHH! I keep trying to post the link to that print, but it won’t let me. I don’t understand my own blog. I got it from Urban Outfitters. You can order it online. Just search for it in their wall art section.

      And that makes perfect sense for keeping the lights down low. Thanks for all your facts little Miss Paigetopus!

  • Reggalicious

    We’re gonna manage the hell out of that mess of cables. Update pictures will need to be posted.

    • Kenz

      YES! Spouse-swap! I can’t wait. Thanks for helping Aaron DIY his cable mess.

    • Josh

      /r/battlestations will need to be apprised.

      • Kenz

        I don’t even know what that means.

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Nick doesn’t like the light on either. His office gets a decent amount of light, but he keeps the blinds mostly closed. Men are weird. I blog on the couch curled up with blanket. Rocking it totally professional style over here.

    • Kenz

      You and me both! Curled up with a blanket is the best way to blog 🙂 It must be a man thing!

  • Janel

    Aaron needs a better desk! Just saying!

    • Kenz

      haha, RIGHT?! I keep telling him that. But he’s completely content with a folding table. Men…

  • but what’s happening in the former office?!

    • Kenz

      mwahaha… it’s a big secret. 🙂

  • The programmers at my office are the exact same. No lights. Blinds drawn. No music, just pure dark silence. Every time I venture down the hall, I feel like I need to stand in their office for a minute while my eyes adjust to the darkness before I start to ask questions because I don’t know if I’m talking to them or their coat rack!

    • Kenz

      hahahahaah! That is hilarious. Sometimes I think I’d get more response out of a coat rack than Aaron when he is really wired in.

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    I share our office with my dh and B so there HAS to be some light LOL. But I think they are ok with it. Maybe they havn’t been bitten by a vampire yet?

    • Kenz

      lol, you just wait. There’s going to come a day when they are begging for the lights off!

  • Looking good! I’m a comfy blogger also. I wonder if I’d get more done at a desk…hmmmm. That seems like work.

    • Kenz

      You know, I hate working at desks. Bad. We’re the same.

  • Vanlun

    This is great Kenz! I love the color on the wall too. By the way, my hubby and son is the same way as your hubby. : )

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