Home Tour: Bathroom


All the rooms thus far on the home tour (front, dining, kitchen)  have had some kind of change made to them.
We have made zero changes to the hallway and the bathroom.  It’s shameful.
We are going to do board and batten down the hallway and into the bathroom at the same time.
I have not picked a set time to do this, but if I had to guess, I’d say sometime while we are working on the kitchen renovation.

I’m really embarrassed and self conscious about the hallway and bathroom.  Promise not to laugh when I come out of the dressing room?  *deep breath* Okay…


The hall has serious potential.  Like the girl in that Freddie Prinze Jr movie.  She’s All That?  She is.  She=hallway.  All we need to do is take off her glasses and get her contacts.  Then she will be the hot girl.

Now, take your first door on the left.  It’s time.

Upon moving in:  major grunge.  And not the good kind.


With our junk:


Not much better.  Let’s take a closer look at all the atrocities.  Someone in the past tried to paint the cabinetry.  They failed, and gave up.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked “WHYYYY?!”  It makes no sense.


Ew gross.  But the biggest offender is the half hearted palm tree wallpaper.


Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe borders were a “thing.”  They’re just so TACKY.  I get it… fads come and go.  In 20 years from now us bloggers will look back and be like, “Why were we so obsessed with stencils?  They’re like a hot-foot-forest.”

Before I write my next sentence I need to tell you about me.  I, like many others, have an issue saying the “M” word.  Do you know which one I am talking about?  It rhymes with Shoist.  In this house, we replace all “M” words with “juicy.”

Due to the juicy-ness of the bathroom, parts of the wallpaper fell off, while others cling bitterly.  Leaving it looking extra trash-tastic.


Every now and then I get a compulsion to yank on it.  It never results well.  Like peeling a sunburn.  Why even try?


Although big bathroom changes are far off, I do have an end goal in mind.  I will end on an inspiring note.

It’s clean.  It’s bright.  I like it.  I could get used to it.


To Do:

What room in your house have you not touched at all?

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  • Haha! Yours is better than ours, its tiny! Maybe like 16-20 square feet and it doesn’t even have a mirror. But it does have a huge shower cabinet (?) and thats pretty much the only thing you see when you open the door (it has grey walls – GREY, they are not even clear!) and if you are slightly bigger than us you probably can’t get past it and get to the toilet – you will pretty much have to hold it in or go outside. Do you feel better about yours? 😀 My dream is to make it slightly bigger on one side so that we can fit a tub in somehow, I dont think I can live without a tub.

    • As I have only been in the house two times I had to look at the pictures again and just noticed that we have white tiles with BLACK stuffthatsbetweentilesidontknowtheenglishword on the bottom half of the wall and light pink wallpaper with roses on the top half. Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse. (and did I mention the no mirror part? How can someone live for 57 years without a mirror above the sink!)

      • Henriette you’re so cute! haha, you’re right. I’m being a big baby. The bathroom isn’t terrible. Just the vanity & wall paper. There is so much space in there you could have a dance party every morning. I can’t believe your bathroom has no mirror! Was the previous tenant unfortunate looking??

        • My guess is when you turn 93 you just stop caring. She was also a widow, poor thing, so no one to put on lipstick for! Oh this just made my heart bleed, lets pretend that it was an unfortunate looking middle age man, I dont think I have a soft spot for those!

          • Ohhhh, that’s so sad! Poor lady. She sounds like a warrior.
            We’ll definitely go with the middle aged man so I don’t cry every time I think of your bathroom.

  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    Henriette is right! At least you have a big space to work with. You could easily finish painting that cabinet for under $20 too and that would make a HUGE difference.

    • You are completely right. I need to just bite the bullet and do it. I have a problem where I think “If I’m going to paint the cabinet, I better paint the walls, and put a frame around the mirror, and do board and batten… and I’m not ready to commit to the redo yet. I shouldn’t let that stop me from at least fixing the vanity. And I know… I am being a major baby. That bathroom is huge. I should not be complaining. Shame on me.

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  • our hallway wallpaper border was baskets with flowers in them- barf. The one in the sunroom was baskets with cats in them- super barf. I feel your pain, yo.

    also, that after bathroom is TO DIE FOR.

  • “Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe borders were a “thing.” They’re just so TACKY.”

    OMG, YES!!!! I hate them. I have a double border sitch in the kitchen and I just stare at them with hatred.

    I think you could pick up a sample pot of paint, redo that vanity, and dramatically increase your happiness with the bathroom.

    • DOUBLE BORDERS?!!! How painful! I need to see a picture of this. Tracie, we need to have a virtual double date where we put on our big girl pants and rip down that wall paper.

      You guys are giving me just the right amount of nagging to actually paint that vanity. I love you all. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see this bathroom!!!! That will be amazing!!! That wonderful (yucky) palm tree wall paper probably did match that oasis of a bathroom at some point in it’s life. But judging by the rest of the periwinkle walls and butterflies that was the going rate around there. I can picture it now with palm tree soap dishes and a cute palm tree shower curtain with cute little palm tree towels embroidered in the middle. Throw some of that Mekenzie magic on it and it will be beautifuL!!!!!

    Love you, Your #1 fan!!

    • Haha you’re SO right! I’m sure it was palm tree heaven in there. I’m sad I missed it. 🙂
      Love you!!!

  • MIranda Pryor

    That isn’t that awful! It has potential. I also can’t deal with the “M” word. I feel your pain with the bathroom renovation. My husband and I bought a fixer upper as well, and the previous owners painted our master bathroom pink…….Wait for it…..AND they painted over the wallpaper EVEN in the skylight…AND there is a huge jacuzzi in there that we can never fill all the way up with hot water because our hot water heater isn’t big enough….One more AND….The jacuzzi is in a nook surrounded by three huge mirrors on the walls. CREEEPPPPYYY!!! I don’t even know where to start, so we are ignoring that room for now.

    • Miranda that is craaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I want to see pictures of the creep-tastic jacuzzi. I HATE when people paint over wallpaper. It’s such a cheap shot. Also… why would anyone in their right mind paint over a skylight??

      Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have a link to your blog 🙂

      • Miranda Pryor

        I don’t have a blog yet. I should work on that. I have been busy this year studying for the CPA exam, so I haven’t had much progress on the house. Here is the creepy jacuzzi set-up. Check out the wood surround and the brown blinds and the generic tile that looks like it belongs in a public school bathroom…Can’t you tell I am in love??? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/lnknpk4evah/House/DSC_1608.jpg and the vanity http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/lnknpk4evah/House/DSC_1612.jpg …..That room makes me want to cry.

        • Studying for the CPA is way more important than blogging 🙂 But when you DO start a blog, I would definitely follow it! So you’ll have to let me know. Also.. that jacuzzi is bow-chick-a-wow-wow-tastic! Wow! BUT that bathroom really does have potential. I can totally see it 🙂 Thanks for sharing those pictures!