Home Tour: Dining Room

Thanks for waiting patiently in the front room for me.  Did you look around while I was gone?  I hope you didn’t open the piano bench… there are things in there I didn’t want you to see!  Let’s take 6 steps forward into the dining room.

I have mixed feelings about the dining room.  It was the first room in the house to get a complete head to toe makeover.  I feel like I was so excited to do a project in my own house that I jumped in before thinking about the bigger picture (The rest of the house).  When I finished the dining room, I was pleased as punch.  But now, as the rest of the house evolves, it sticks out like 9th grade me at the Evanescence concert.  (True story.  I work a pink shirt.)

I don’t really love it.  I can tolerate it, but I’m kind of sick of it.  The room looks too teenager-y.  I’m looking forward to a fresh & clean change.  I will still walk you through the projects we’ve done, but keep in mind that significant changes will be taking place after Christmas.


Let’s go back to the before.  Everything was monotone.  The baseboards were rank.  There was a 20 yr old ceiling fan as gross as boogers stuck under a desk.  The Salvation Army left us with this fine dining set.


The first thing I did was paint.  I convinced myself a stencil was necessary.  It took forever.  I do not want to re-live that personal hell, so if you’d like to, read the full tutorial.



When the stencil was finished, I replaced the baseboards.  ALL.BY.MY.SELF!  It was one of those defining moments of my life.  I blame the PCOS on a release of testosterone, but I most definitely had a bonding moment with my miter saw.


It was time for board & batten.  Something I’d always dreamed of having in a house.  Some people use MDF boards, but we used real wood.  It wasn’t expensive.  We did the whole thing for $60.  If you’re interested in the deets:  full tutorial.


After the board & batten was painted, it was party time.


See what I mean by the room sticking out?


I look forward to re-finishing the table & re-upholstering the chairs in the future.  I am excited to have a more “industrial-country” light fixture hanging about the table.  I will jump a mile high when the half-wall doesn’t suck at life.  And by that, I mean exist.

-Board & Batten

To do:
-Table & Chairs
-New light fixture
-Remove half-wall

Life and learn, right?  I suppose that it part of “unsuccessful” DIY.


Did you ever spend a ton of time on a room make-over and end up sick of it after a month?


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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I think it is sassy, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. I actually had a comforter with that pattern with I was 18. Fun fact: We apparently have the same dining table.

  • I love your stencil job. Maybe if you sprayed the light fixture a more gluey-green color, until you get the one you really like? I think once you do something with the furniture it will help make the DR look different, but related.

  • I felt that way about my whole downstairs– when we moved I was so excited to paint every single room a different color. And it looked like a clown house because rooms that are completely open to one another should probably match. I’ve repainted the accent wall in my living room & next up is repainting my sunroom so everything on the first floor is grey/white/yellow instead of grey/white/yellow/green/brown/black.

    but man I love that stencil.

    • I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who suffers from design-excitement! It’s part of the fun adventure though, right? I’ll be honest, even though I am ready for another change, that stencil does have a special place in my heart.

  • Krista

    Oh, I love your stencil wall!! It makes me happy when I drive by and see it through your window!!! But everything you do is absolutely amazing so if you decide to change it, I know it will still look awesome!!!

    • Thanks Krista! I’m glad you don’t think I’m just some crazy neighbor-lady with a paint brush.

  • Lucy

    You could paint the light the same color as the wall in the other rooms then everything would merge a little more.

    The stenciling (sp?) is beautiful. It looks like you did a stupendous job.

    • You are definitely right. I need to change the color of the chandelier. Thank you for stopping by!

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  • the cape on the corner

    what a fun room, tho i can see what you’re saying about sticking out. i think it’s just a simple coat of paint that would fix it all.

    • I agree. Painting is definitely in the plans. I just don’t want to spend money on 2 gallons of paint until we are ready to dive into the kitchen/dining room reno. As always, thanks for stopping by Mrs Cape 🙂

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  • roeshel

    LOL! You crack me up. Love the stencil (it is a pain but so worth it) and great job on the board and batten! The chandelier is gorgeous too! Looking good!!!!

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