Home Tour: Entry & Front Room

Welcome to all the new visitors.
I’m tickled that you’re here.
Please creep around and say hello.

For those of you who aren’t regulars, today marks the one year anniversary of moving into our house: Green Meadow Manor.  In honor of 365 days of survival in the house, I am going to let you snoop around and look in my drawers.

I know you just saw the front room when the Mexican furniture arrived, but we are going to revisit.  Only because it makes sense to start a home tour in the first room of the house.  Don’t be mad/bored.  I swear the home tour is just warming up.  There are some big surprises for you in the near future.


Can you believe the Salvation Army didn’t want to keep those er-mer-gerd-tarstic courches?  They left them (and the dining set, and bedroom set) to us as a house-warming gift.  How “thoughtful.”

living room_ Home tour

We painted the next day.

Then, our furniture sucked hard.

Home Tour_Living Room

So I sold it all and lived a “simplified” life.  I was so frustrated, the front room had no option other than to be ignored.  It had abandonment issues for quite some time.  It’s just now getting over it.

home tour_living Room

I was finally able to pay some attention to the front room.


The wall leading down the stairs is big and blah.  Definitely crying out for love.  I’m thinking a gallery wall of engineer print sized photos would look good.  But… I don’t think I want black & white, so it might. be a penny more.

home tour_living Room

home tour_living Room

I realize that I should have removed the H-ween swag before photographing this room.  But it’s too late now.

home tour_living Room

Pretty okay for progress.  The run down:


To Do:
-Repaint (less “blue”) the walls
-Paint the mantle
-Remove half wall
-Switch out the light fixture above stairs
-Gallery wall

Thanks for walking through the front door into the home tour.  I’ll run and get you something to drink, and when I come back, we’ll move to the next room.  Cheers!

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