Home Tour: Karl’s Man Play-Room

Did you think I forgot about the home tour?  I would never do such a thing.  The blog has been a busy place lately!  The DIY Action Squad (Emma, Tracie, Stephanie, and myself) have been ramping up for our YHL Book Link Party.  It starts on Monday the 26th.  I hope to see ALL OF YOU at the par-tay!  Also, I’ve been busy getting ready to give away $100 in celebration of my 100th post.  It’s not too late to enter that either!  The winner will be announced the 26th as well.  Share the haps with yo friendz.

Back to the home tour… If you remember where we left off, we were fixin’ to dive into the basement.  We’ll be starting in the back Southwest corner: Karl’s Man Play-RoomFor those of you who don’t know, we have 3 of our best friends abiding in our basement as a means to raise money for adoption.  

If you don’t have the blessing of knowing Karl, you are about to really get to know him through his style.  He is fun, outdoorsy, and has a focus on functionality.  Poor Karl was working with the smallest bedroom in Green Meadow Manor.  It is only slightly bigger than a refrigerator box.  Karl’s room is hands down the most functional room in GMM.

The MLS picture:

small boys bedroom with functionality

Karl and his brother created a plan for an adult full-size loft bed to give him valuable floor space.  Building the loft bed took an insane amount of planning.  But it is as solid as a rock.  We call it the chastity bed.  For obvious reasons.  But it works great for Special K.  (The Chastity Bed even has its own theme song.  Sung to the tune of “Chocolate Rain,” and replace “chocolate rain” with “chastity bed.”)

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

I totally forgot to turn off the light… I give full permission to judge my photog skillz.

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

Karl picked everything himself, the wall color, rugs, and art.  It’s definitely him.  I like the dark color.  Whoever says you can’t paint a small room a dark color can just flush those rules down the commode.

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

Many Fifa parties happen in this room.

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

The bamboo art, shelve, and shades all are IKEA specials.

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

I really love those shades.  They are slick as a wet road.

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

I mentioned previously Karl’s quest for functionality.  Behold, his custom closet:

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

*Don’t mind the creepy babies in the hall.  We have a tradition of hiding creepy babies in each others rooms.  Sometimes they end up in random piles.  

And lastly, no ‘Man Play-Room’ is complete without a hammock.

small boys bedroom with functionality - adult loft bed

Perfect for sleepover slumber parties having guests.  It’s also perfect for when you want to look like a jalapeno with a face.

I’m telling you, men LOVE Karl’s room.  When they come over, it’s the first thing they want to see.  It’s like feeling wind in their beards.  I love that Karlos took initiative to man-up his room.  It’s his dream come true.  Everything his parents would never let him have.  🙂

Do you have any Man Play-Rooms in your house?

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    Tiny rooms like that make it so you HAVE to have a loft (and as someone who had loft bed for my teenage years they are good at uhh…preventing things… *butnoteverything*) PS: Your creepy dolls creeped me out.

    • I think my favorite part about his loft bed is that he is so close to the ceiling, which happens to be right under the floor of mine and Aaron’s room… 🙂 And the creepy dolls creep me out all the time. I found one in my lamp shade the other day.

      • Northy

        the magic happens in the hammock :p

  • I’m quite jealous of his hammock.

  • mindi

    You are so funny!! When can I move in?! I’m sure there’s gotta be room somewhere for me!; )

    • Whatever Mindi, YOU ARE FUNNY! You can move in today. I’ll make some room for you in the nook under the stairs. You’ll love it 🙂

  • Northy

    (To the tune of chocolate rain)

    Chastity Bed! There’s room for one, and I am so alone.

    chastity bed! the ceilings’ cut my head right to the bone.

    Chastity Bed! It’s loud upstairs but I can’t hear a thing

    Chastity Bed! You may laugh, but up here i’m a king.

    Chastity Bed! Without a Queen, it’s sad I must admit

    Chastity Bed! At least I’m young , so i’ll get over it ……

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh Karl. We’ll get you a Queen soon enough. And pretty soon it will be the Marriage bed… (ew) Then you can put your baby in the hammock. It’s perfect.

  • Henriette

    Oh, how can he sleep so close to the ceiling? Not very claustrophobic, is he? But the room looks very manly! Bet my fiancée would have loved it.

    I already have a blog-related question for you (and Aron!), you are going to get so sick of me, but I don’t know anyone who blogs! :p i just posted a link on Facebook so hopefully I can get a few readers at least! My phone was so slow now, it takes forever to type, so the question will have to wait until tomorrow (I’m guessing you are holding your breath 😉 )

    • It’s probably a 2-2 1/2 ft clearance to the ceiling. It doesn’t seem to bother him. But he does sleep in his hammock about 35% of the time.

      We are more than happy to help with your blog questions. You can always email me too (interiorsbykenz (at) gmail (dot) com). I’ve never posted a link to Facebook from my phone, so I don’t know about how slow it takes. Usually I just do it from my computer. But email me! We’ll help you figure it out 🙂

  • northy

    I have to army crawl into bed. Its not that bad. The hardest part is gathering the will power to shimmy back down at 4:30 in the morning for work.

    I also want to point out a fully functional music recording studio under the bed. For a 9ft. X 9ft bedroom with a full bed, desk, sound studio, hammock…. not shabby if I dare say so myself.

    • Good job Karl! I’m sorry I forgot to mention your sound studio. Let’s record something!

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