Home Tour: Kitchen

When I tell people that Green Meadow Manor has 6 bedrooms, they say, “Wow, your house is huge!”  Well, that’s an untruth.  Our house is not big.  It’s 2200 sq ft.  And yes, they squeezed 6 rooms into it.  Like squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans 2 sizes too small… our house has a muffin top, in the form of a kitchen.  Which makes sense.  Muffins come from kitchens.

The builders’ compromise was in the kitchen.  It is not grande.  It’s not my dream kitchen.  However, it IS functional.  Appliances are in a perfect triangle.  We can have up to 3 cooks in the kitchen before it starts feeling crowder crowded.

Here’s the kitchen when we claimed the land.  Woof.


Like the rest of the house, the kitchen was pretty bla.  Plain cabinetry, faux butcher block counter tops, faux slate tiles.  Ick.  I’ve only DIY’d a few small projects in the kitchen.  Here’s where it currently stands.


I’m not crazy about anything in the kitchen.  In my opinion, it is all lipstick on a pig.  And not even nice Mary Kay lipstick.  We’re talking Wet N Wild lipstick with a purple tint.  We added crown molding to the tops of the cabinets for a quick sprucing.  I also painted a back splash.  It was kind of a DIY fail, because I don’t like the colors.  In the dining room tour, I told you all major changes were happening after Christmas.  We have saved enough money to finally renovate the kitchen & dining room.  We have lived with those stick on tiles and uggggg counters for a year now, and I feel like we deserve updated flooring and so on.



One of the inappropriate fun elements of the kitchen is the side of our fridge.


We have a really small pantry.  When you don’t have a trunk to keep your junk… you pay money for a bigger trunk.  (Christmas!)



The plan is to remove the pantry and coat closet, and extend counter space.  I think it will make a big difference.  A pantry will be built in the dining room.


You get the picture right?  I also found this picture of a kitchen with a similar layout.  It is a small kitchen, but looks stunning.  I am drooling over the finishes.



I don’t love the bar stools, but the overall concept is nice.  Especially that dope hood.  Anyway, that’s where we’re at regarding the kitchen.  I don’t hate our kitchen.  I don’t really complain about it either.  I’m just really really excited to make the dive.  We have been planning this renovation since August!

Recessed lights
Crown molding

To Do:
Finish patching ceiling from old light fixture
Take out pantry & closet
Build new pantry
Paint cabinets
New counters
New sink
New flooring

If you are just catching up with the rest of the tour group, make sure you catch up on the front room & dining room.  And if you’d like more of my anecdotes, there’s always Facebook.

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    As far as a lipstick job goes, I like it. But I’m excited to see what you do to improve it 🙂 MINT MOFO.

    • I love mint so much. SOOOOOOOOOO much! My dream kitchen includes many a mint, white, and wood finishes.

  • Love the idea of knocking out the two closets. Also, demolition is the BEST part of any project!

    • I LOVE demolition! Cleaning it up is another story. I remember when we demo’d the stairs wall, it took 24 HUGE garbage bags to get all the crap out.

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