Home Tour: Master Bedroom

Welcome back to the home tour!  I hope you brought a fanny pack full of treats.  Did you have an underbar tid with the Ikea Lack Hack yesterday?  I hope it was underbar-tastic for you.  I enjoyed your feedback!

If you’re new, let me catch you up on the haps.  In honor of one year of living in our house, Green Meadow Manor, I am taking you on a home tour.  And I am being extremely transparent.  Several rooms are untouched, and I am brave enough to show you the ugg factor.  I trust you to have faith in me!  So far we’ve been through the eclectic living room, dining room fail, piggy-kitchen, and trash-tastic bathroom.  Today we’re going to step into the magic-making master bedroom.

Our bedroom was one of the worst rooms in the house.  Up until this point, all the before pictures were just “bla.”  However the master bedroom had some serious offenses.  Nothing magic about the design of this room.


All the furniture you see in this picture was left by the Salvation Army.  I was lucky enough to sell most of it for a quick $100.  One of the worst things about this room is the carpet.  It’s BLUE.  It makes me blue.  It’s the only room in the entire 2200 square feet of this house with BLUE CARPET.  *shutter*

Last April while I was watching General Conference, I got bored.  I grabbed a left over can of paint from the garage to paint some stripes on the wall.  I just wanted to see how hard/easy stripes were.  I regret that decision, because while I do like strips,  it is not at ALL how I wanted our bedroom to look.  Oops.  Aaron made me promise to finish the basement before I repaint any other rooms.  I am staying true to that promise.  It’s rough because I am the 1% of the population who actually LOVES painting.  It is calming.


Nothing matches.  Our pillows, bedding, paint, carpet, furniture…  It’s horrible.  Another issue:  when we got married, we had a queen-sized bed.  When we moved into Green Meadow Manor, we upgraded to a King.  But… all of our bedding is still for a queen.  Tacky, I know.  Like I said:  embarrassing.  I am trusting you enough to let me be transparent.

I made a gallery wall for funsies.

How To Make A Gallery Wall

Our dresser and night stands are actually borrowed furniture from my big sister Gina (holler!).  She was kind enough to let us borrow some extra stuff when we got married… and we still have it :-/  It’s nice furniture, but not really my style.  BUT:  Every time I go to the thrift store I keep my eyes out for the perfect dresser and nightstands to refinish.  I haven’t found “the ones” yet, but I not gonna quit.


I covered some frames with left over fabric I had.  Nothing fancy.  Just a girl with a staple gun.


And how can we forget the time I woke up to Indy eating the wall?


Please excuse my dear aunt sally “design generating.”  Drawing over a picture on my iPad is the best I can do to explain my vision.


The gray I “colored” on this room is darker than I want in real life.  Imagine such a pale pale color, with soft subtle white molding.  I am really loving the look of layered neutrals   That’s what I want for our room.  Something along these lines.  I think we’ll be able to translate it to our Magic Master with our own special twist.  Like this… but more layers.

Home Tour-Master Bedroom-Layered NeutralsSource 

Messed around

To Do:
Paint the walls a soft, calm gray
Paint white faux molding
Build a headboard
Get new bedding!!!
Make over a dresser and nightstands
Pendant lighting over nightstands
New flooring
(It will be the same flooring as when we tear apart the kitchen after Christmas.  The whole 1st floor is getting new flooring.)

The list looks long, but it’s all stuff I’ve done before, so it’ll be the sweetest cake walk.

What’s the most “magical” element of your master bedroom?

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  • sidenote: last week I taught my students that PEMDAS shall henceforth be referred to as Please Excuse My Dope Ass Swag. Sorry aunt sally, you’re just not hip enough for 2012.

    Also, I really like the stripes and yellow- but it does seem a little cutesy. I think I’d like it more in a sunroom or something. The inspiration picture is awesome.

  • Haha, guess what? I ALSO LOVE PAINTING! I find it so satisfying. I am inlove with white moldings, its quite unusual here, but I really want it somewhere (anywhere) in our new home! (just 6 more days now, signed the mortgage papers today, we are officially in huge debt!)

    • Henriette! That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you! You’re a homeowner! You need to email me pictures! ([email protected]) I’m glad I’m not the only one who thoroughly loves painting. Molding is so pretty. I don’t think we are actually going to install molding in our bedroom. (Mainly because we don’t have the budget for it.) We are going to paint the shape of molding. I think it will look classically modern. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. Congrats again!

  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    We too went with gray and white in our bedroom (with a touch of red) and honestly, while I love it, I hate our choice of bedding. it’s beautiful and hotel like, but not very functional for us. It’s mostly white and with three dogs on the bed we actually keep it covered so there’s no puppy foot prints. Just a warning. Unless you are going to have no dogs and no small children (even nieces and nephews have gotten my bed sticky) don’t get white bedding with another color…. get solid white so you can bleach it…

    • Solid advice. I always dream of white bedding. But you’re totally right. In the real world, white things don’t work very well. We had a white couch in our hold house, and the things was filllllthy after 6 months. And that was no kids and no dogs!

  • Oh, girl, I feel you. My bedroom is just ridiculously boring. Our bed is actually broken, just currently propped up on BLOCKS until someone around here replaces/repairs it. So embarrassing.

    • Tracie! oh my gosh, our old queen size bed was broken the ENTIRE TIME we had it! It was propped up on books. You’re definitely not alone in the broken-bed-shame. I have accepted that as living a life as a DIY-er means having rooms that are experimental/ugly a significant portion of the time. I suppose it’s just our calling in life.

  • Maggie

    I can’t, can’t, can’t wait for the post when you announce the boudoir makeover is dunzo! Really looking forward to seeing what your imagination does with paint & powertools!

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