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Guest Room-Craft Room-Nintendo Room-Gym

Did you have a great weekend?  I had a few DIY fails.  Many tears fell out of my eyes, and a melt-down was witnessed by all (Aaron, Matt, Karl, Addi, my mum, my dad, Addi’s mum, and Matt’s 2 brothers).  When I feel recovered enough, I will write a post about that.  The wound is still too fresh.

On a brighter note:  I am about to show you one of my favorite rooms.  The Kenz-Cave.  The function of the Kenz-Cave is as follows:  DIY Storage, Guest Bedroom, Nintendo Play Time, and Gym.  If that doesn’t sound like fun, then I don’t know what does.

Here’s the standard before:


Before we had tenants in the basement, each of these functions were spread out in different rooms in the basement.  I had to down-size to fit all those functions into one tiny bedroom.  I am quite pleased with the result.


Let’s take a look at each element of this Swiss Army Knife Room.

The first arm of the knife is the guest room.  The most important part of the room is that we have a space for guests to sleep.  We maximized our sleeping space by using a trundle day-bed.  My nephew, Dylan, is our most frequent guest.  He LOVES sleep overs with Aunt Kenz and Uncle Aaron.  Wouldn’t you?  You would.  Forts, home-made doughnuts, running-in-socks-and-seeing-who-slides-the-furthest.  Dylan loves to burrow and play in the pillows.  So we keep an abundance for our little mole.


How great is that kitschy quilt?  I just want to eat it up, I love it so.


Next arm of the Swiss Army Room is the Gym.  In the words of Fergalicious, “I’ll be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness, he’s my witness!  Oooweeeeeeeeee”  The tredmil folds up if I need more space, but I usually leave it down.  It isn’t often I need to use the side of that wall for my activities.



There are two things in this world I am naturally talented at:  Indian leg wrestles, and retro Nintendo systems.  I love playing the original NES Nintendo system and Super Nintendo.  For my birthday, Aaron bought me a system that plays both cartridges.  Many Sunday afternoons are spent playing Super Mario World and Mario Bros 3.  It’s a great time.  These old Nintendo games don’t play well on new TVs.  So we keep our old TV in this room for Nintendo purposes and for Dylan to watch movies while he falls asleep.  The TV sits on my Grandma Pulos’s old armoire.  This doubles as DIY storage.


We’re still working on a better storage solution for the games & systems in the Kenz-Cave.


And the last function of the Swiss Army Room is DIY storage.  That’s what closets are for.


That’s my Swiss Army Kenz-Cave.  The color of this room is Jocular Green by Sherwin-Williams.  I love mint green.  Green is the color of life and energy.  Mint is a calm shade of green.  Mint is also very fresh.  I like the symbolism there.  Also, it just looks awesome.  For how many functions this room has, there’s still quite a bit of space.  I don’t feel like it’s too busy.  I spend a good portion of time in there.  I could complain about how awful the carpet is, or about how small the space is, but I won’t.  As cheesey as it sounds, it’s a room where happy memories are made.  We laugh and play in the Kenz-Cave.

What room is your happy-multipurpose-cave?


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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I love rooms that serve multiple needs. And I LOVE that quilt.

  • loveeeee the quilt!!

    Also, I feel you on the DIY fail. you got my email. it was BLEAK up in here. I postponed writing about it as well, lol.

    • Steph, we need to eat chocolate and cry together. DIY fails are sooooooo frustrating. It’s a major ego-blow.

  • Am SUPER in love with that quilt. I’m also incredibly jealous about retro Nintendo! I had my original Nintendo, but a house guest broke it a few years ago and I haven’t replaced it. Sniff.

    • Oh no! You have just made me aware of the dangers of keeping my favorite Nintendo in the guest room. I’m so sorry for you loss lol. If you’re ever in the market to replace it, Aaron bought the duo for only $40 on thinkgeek.com. Money well spent in my opinion.

  • eranfaraway

    Swiss army room! Ha! I love it — and that quilt! I am so impressed by how many functions you crammed into one room without it looking crowded. Kudos!

  • Reggie

    There is no such thing as the “Super Top Secret Area”

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