Home Tour: The Office of Computer Nerd

Today’s post wraps up the first half of the home tour series.  If you’re a late bloomer, take a minute to catch up.  We’ve been through the fun front room, dining room fail, lipstick-on-a-pig-kitchen, trash-tasic bathroom, unmagical master bedroom, and the kenz-cave.  And the last room of the upstairs is:
The Office of a Computer Nerd.

This room is all Aaron’s.  It’s his command center.  Outpost Beta headquarters.  The palace of Nerd-dom.  Where the codes fester and grow into MVC Frameworks and Content Management Systems.  The place one goes to “geek out.”

Aaron’s office design is up to him.  We haven’t done anything to it yet, but I’m okay with that.  The bay window is enough to make this room stand out.


We need to come up with a better book shelf system.  We’re spilling over.  That apple colored filing cabinet was one of a few spray painting projects of the summer.


Aaron’s not very good at hiding Christmas presents 😉  I see that little pink gem in the deepest corner of the closet.  In the spirit of keeping it real… No Christmas present is ever a secret to me.  I’m a natural born guesser.  On the flip side.  I’m a stone cold vault at hiding gifts.  My hiding places are so deep, they might as well be the brain child of Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy.


We keep the engineer print of Indy in the office.  We also have a painting of an island done by Grandpa Burton.  But my favorite piece of office art is this Binary Print.  It’s so couth.  The very definition of geek chic.


Oh shoot.  I forgot to shut my bedroom door across the hall to hide my secret combinations.  No need to thank me.  


I hope you aren’t getting bored of the home tour.  Things are just now starting to get steamy.  Next up we’ll be looking into Matt’s, Karl’s, and Addi’s rooms.  Imagine if Dina Manzo, Rob Drydek, and Big Black all lived in the same place.  Yesh.  It’s gettin’ good.

What room in your house do you have absolutely no control over?

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