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I Always Think I Can Tear My Walls Down *sigh*

How to Renovate A Small Kitchen on a Budget

With our basement project nearing its end (yaaay!!) I can’t help but formulate all these crazy ideas of what I want to do next.  I keep being drawn to our kitchen.  Aaron is dreading it because of how expensive kitchen renos can get.  I promised him we would keep it CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!  I was planning on making concrete counter tops, and then I had a brilliant plan, on how to add counter space.

When you buy a house, there are compromises that must be made.  Our kitchen was a little smaller than I wanted, but after using it 8 months, I’ve realized it isn’t the size that is the problem.  The appliances are in a perfect triangle.  It is so functional!  There is only one thing that is rough… not enough counter space by the stove.  It makes cooking a challenge. The other thing that made me sad is that there is no counter/bar to scoot your bar stools up to.  I feel like every little kid should have a counter to sit up to and color pictures at.

I mulled this thought over for WEEKS.  How do we build an island or peninsula in an already “small” kitchen?  Do we tear into the bedroom next to it?  No… it will cost $20,000 to move appliances, cabinets, flooring… (headache).  Then one day I was home from work sick.  I had been watching Property Brothers and Income Property  And the light bulb struck me on how to make our kitchen 1,000,000 times more functional for a fraction of the cost.

Kitchen Crash Plan:

How to Renovate A Small Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchen Crash For Cheap

How to Renovate A Small Kitchen on a Budget

How to Renovate A Small Kitchen on a Budget

Forgive my art skills… I drew this on my iPad, but I think you can understand my vision, right?  We will take out the dinky pantry and closet, and extend the counter top.  We can scoot stools up to it!  (Win!)  We will also hang some pendant lights.  My drawing also includes subway tile backsplash, repainted cabinets, and concrete counter tops.

Don’t you think it will open everything up???  Oh man, I think it will be AMAZING!  And we don’t need new cupboards to do it.  Nor do we need to move appliances!

Now that we have taken out the pantry/closet, what will we do?  Glad you asked.  We will do this:

How to Renovate A Small Kitchen on a Budget

I realize this drawling looks REALLY UGLY. Oh well.

How to Renovate A Small Kitchen on a Budget

The plan is to build the pantry flush with the first column.  It will be shallow, but long.  It will actually give us MORE pantry than what we have now.  And it will barely take space away from the dining area.  We will continue the crown molding over the top of the pantry.  And there will be a ledge on top of the pantry that we can put plants or something.  It is wide enough that there will be two sets of bi-fold doors.

That is our kitchen crash.  It will cost less than $2,000.  The biggest cost is going to be making the concrete counter tops.

TLDR:  I can’t wait for the basement to be finished so I can swing a hammer and get started in the kitchen! 

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