How To Install A Corrugated Metal Accent Wall

Execution time for our industrial basement!  A few weeks ago I told Aaron “What if we did a metal accent wall in the area of our future wet bar?”  And he said, “Totes, let’s do it!”  I googled it, and this was the first thing I saw.  Once I knew it was a Lowe’s Creative Idea, I knew it was on my basic DIY level.  AND- It cost less than $50.  Word.
corrugated metal wall


Prepping the wall:

How To Install A Corrugated Metal Accent Wall - industrial basement design

Remove baseboards, and secure corrugated wood strips to the bottom and top of the wall using drywall screws.

How To Install A Corrugated Metal Accent Wall - industrial basement design

Next, we changed out the blade on the Skill Saw to a blade specific for cutting metal.  Then, we created magic.

How To Install A Corrugated Metal Accent Wall - industrial basement design

Isn’t Aaron a hunk?  Especially with those fiery power tools.  Hubba hubba.

corrugated metal wall

They screwed the sheets of metal to the corrugated wood using Tuftex DeckDrain Fasteners (Piercing Cap-Washered).

Then we admired our shining wall jewel.  It’s like watching a hair commercial.  You know?  Shiny hair.  I’m patiently waiting for Garnier Fructis to offer to sponsor this wall.

How To Install A Corrugated Metal Accent Wall - industrial basement design


How To Install A Corrugated Metal Accent Wall - industrial basement design

MMMM!  It was so easy.  It took Aaron, Parker, Kami and Me less than an hour.  And me and Kami mostly watched and played with the pups.

Vintage Industrial Basement

Other corrugated metal uses:
– Corrugated Metal Ceiling
– Corrugated Metal Wainscoting
– Corrugated Metal Back splash
– Corrugated Metal Headboard


What are some fun accent walls you have done?
What are some fun corrugated metal projects you’ve done?

Update!  We went and added some more art.  Gold frames for mixed metallics!

knock off restoration hardware art

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  • love love love this! great job 🙂

  • Jenni from

    When I was younger, I participated in Competition Dance. One of my dance studios that I spent a lot of time in had a really cool metal accent wall like this. One of the best part was that, after competitions, she would take magnets and hang up our ribbons on the wall for a few days, so we could really look at our accomplishments. I think it would make a cool ever-changing art display using magnets, too. I love the idea!

    • That is a genius idea! Magnets! Corrugated metal might be fun in a kitchen too, with this magnet idea. Thanks for stopping by Jenni!

  • Jen Wilson

    Thanks for the post, now I sort of know how the heck to do it. We are installing a corrugated metal “garage door” in Destructo’s room (if I ever get to it!) and I’ll be referencing your mad skills!

    • Kenz

      Oh that will be so cute! Corrugated metal is pretty easy to work with. Good luck 🙂

  • AWESOME! Makes me long for a basement to finish :’3 For now I will settle for the garage and put corrugated metal on the ceiling! I had no idea there were wood strips for it… Oh, saw a corrugated metal headboard on pinterest, it was pretty dang neat-o.

    • Kenz

      Hi Whitney! You can come party in our basement any time you want 😉 I’ve been dying to see someone install corrugated metal on a ceiling. you HAVE to send me pictures when its done!!

  • Kathy

    Having trouble finding the corrugated wood strips, where did you find yours?

    • Kenz

      Hey Kathy! We bought them at Lowes. They were in the back near the roofing supplies. If you ask a store associate, they should be able to help you find it. Good luck!

      • Kathy

        Thank you. I’ve been looking online at Lowes and Home Depot, both do not have in store…but I will keep looking.

        • Kenz

          I tried to look it up online, but couldn’t find it. but they do have it in the store. I saw it this weekend. I would try calling them and asking them about it if you’re still needing it.

  • Decor Lover

    Am in love with this look. Going to put on a dining room wall. Thanks.

    • Kenz

      That will look so great! Send me a picture after you do 🙂

  • Adam

    putting a corrugated metal wall in our youth room. Thanks for the tips and “how to’s”, especially the corrugated wood strips! Brilliant!

  • Jori

    Did you have to use screws where you overlapped the sheets on the width of the wall?

    • CrowderSoup

      We did, yes.

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  • Tom

    Where did you purchase the corrugated metal from? Thanks!!

    • Kenz

      We got it at Lowes 🙂

  • Jack

    Did you cut the wood strips or buy them already corrugated?

    • Lola

      Lowe’s has corrugated foam strips (aka closure strips) that you can use with the corrugated sheet. All back in the same section together

  • Lola

    Love your wall! We are planning on doing it under our breakfast bar counter. Quick question for you….what did you use to cut your metal sheet? Thanks!

    • CrowderSoup

      We just put a metal cutting blade on our skill-saw (otherwise known as a circular saw).

    • Brenna

      There are also scissors made for this kind of metal that you can use so that you don’t have to pull out any power tools. They are worth the investment so far. But we also are looking to do more with tiny home roofing using them too.

  • lolo

    love it!! thanks for sharing!

    • kenz

      Thank you! It was one of my favorite things in our old house.

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  • Patrick

    Wow! – loved the project – this would be a plus for me if I was in this room.

  • astronut

    Looks awesome! We are about to do this to a wall in our rec room and hang a large flat screen tv on it. What gauge metal did you use? Do you think it would be heavy enough to hang a tv on (as long as I secure the metal properly to the wall)…?

  • Angiela Johnson

    Hi Kenz thanks for the info, your wall looks awesome! I just finished my corrugated metal accent wall in my dining room I havent put the a/c vent back on yet! LOL