How to Make an Ottoman Bench

How to Make an Ottoman Bench in 5 Steps

Total Time:  3 1/2 hrs.
Total Cost:  Just under $50

I really wanted a bench with a cushion to go at the end on our bed.  Something comfy we could sit on while we put our shoes on.  I looked online for AGES, but all I found were really generic things that didn’t really match my taste or decor.  So as always the solution was: DIY.  I didn’t use any pattern to sew the cushion cover, so it got a little tricky at times, but totally doable.  Here is the end product.

Hot to make a really easy ottoman bench

Tools needed:
Sewing Machine (I use my mother’s from the 80’s and it works just fine)
Fabric Scissors
Tape Measure

Supplies Needed:
2 yards of fabric
1 1/2 yards of foam (I used 3″ thick foam)
Old Coffee Table from a Thrift Store
(I got mine from the DI for $10!!!)


Measure your cushion.  Now, this step is REALLY important.  Cut each piece of fabric to be 1″ longer than your cushion.  You will need a top and bottom piece (that will measure the same), and 4 side pieces, 2 short and 2 long.  I know I am stating the obvious, but you have to imagine you are sewing an inside out box.

How to make a really easy ottoman bench

This is the most grueling step.  It took me 3 thousand years.  Sewing it all together.  I started by pinning the long side to the long end of the top piece.  Remember to fold it after you’ve pinned it, just to make sure you are sewing the right sides of the fabric together.  After I sewed those two pieces, I sewed the long end of the bottom piece to the long side.  I know that doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but look at the picture.

How to make a really easy ottoman bench

Keep sewing.  You can do whatever works best for you.  I’m sure it’s easier if you have a pattern.  I didn’t, and this is the way I did it.  I attached each short side, to either side of the long side.  Does that make sense?  I should have taken better pictures of it.  I really just kept reminding myself I was building a box out of fabric.  When I was visualizing that, it was MUCH easier to piece everything together.  You’ll want to sew all the sides together, EXCEPT ONE OF THE LONG ENDS.  This is where the cushion goes in, and you WILL need the whole length open.

How to make a really easy ottoman bench

Here was my failure.  I tried to do a zipper.  I sewed a 20″ zipper, and it was NOT big enough to put the foam in.  I had to take it out and do it this way.  If you are smarter than me, go for the zipper idea, but if you want a simpler way of sewing a cushion, then just leave the whole seam open, put the foam in, then stitch it up.  You can’t even see the stitches where I sewed the seam up.  It didn’t even take that long.

How to make a really easy ottoman bench

The easiest and best step.  Put the cushion on the coffee table.  That’s it!  You are done.  You can get fancier than me, and re-finish your coffee table by painting it or re-staining it.  I might white-wash mine in the near future.  But for now, I like it.  It is a custom color and design for the look I wanted.

 How to build a really easy ottoman bench How to build a really easy ottoman bench









You can put your bench at the end of your bed for a more simple shoe tie-ing experience, or by a window as a seat to put your butt in, or use it as an ottoman in front of your couch to kick your feet up on.

 How to build a really easy ottoman benchLaterz crafterz.

May 21, 2012 – I feel like I made this bench a million years ago!  I have found an inspiration piece from a blog I love,  Check out her WAY awesome bench.  I am going re-vamp mine thanks to Miss Brooke.

How To Make an Ottoman Bench

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  • Mark

    Looks good but I really worried about the time line for making this. You list as taking 3 1/2 hours, but the sewing alone takes 3 thousand years? The best part of this is taking cheap discarded furniture and making it functional and beautiful again. Truly economical and environmentally sound. Reuse, reduce, recycle. Can even make the cover from old drapes.