How To Paint A Scalloped Wall Border

Hey pals.  Long time no blog, amirite?  I’ve just been busy selling houses and growing human parts in my belly.  I’ve got a nursery design ready to execute for this Tiny girl.  (I capitalize Tiny because that’s what we call her.  Lil sis doesn’t have a name yet.)  All the major supplies for her nursery have arrived, and I’m SO excited for it.  I’m stepping into a world of things I’ve never done before.  It’s scary and exciting!

But I felt bad.  I felt really bad for sweet Evelyn Faye.  I know she doesn’t understand/care, but I felt terrible that I put so much work and effort into her nursery, and now she doesn’t have it anymore.  We actually spend a lot of time reading and playing in her room.  I want it to be a place she is comfortable and wants to be.  I didn’t want to copy her old nursery, but I wanted it to be reminiscent of her old room.  I also didn’t want to do a major makeover until she’s a bigger kid and starts having tastes of her own.

I made a deal with myself that we would give her room a simple update before we started Tiny’s nursery.


If you remember, I stenciled a beautiful gold scalloped wall in Evelyn’s room.  It was the most lovely thing.  I wanted a simplified version of that, so I thought a scalloped border was the way to go.

I picked up a $0.50 poster board from the grocery store, and used an IKEA plate to trace a scallop pattern for my stencil.



I held it up to the wall and traced lightly with a pencil.

My ORIGINAL plan was to paint it gold, using the same gold paint I used for this.


However, it did not work.  In fact, it epically did not work.  It was the same brand (Sherwin Williams Faux Finishes ‘Gold’ – which isn’t cheap!).  I was baffled.  But after talking to a store associate, they said it was the combination of the brush and roller.  When I stenciled, I was ONLY rolling.  No brush.  But there was no way to do this scallop border without using both a brush and a roller.  After THREE COATS it was still this splotchy and uneven.  The paint is really thin and runny, and it wasn’t going to work for how much cutting in I needed to do.  I was 100% bummed.


I decided to prime over it and try another look.


The new color I chose was Sherwin-Williams Wall Flower.  It is such a pretty color.  Imagine if lilac and mauve had a love child.  It’s so delicate; perfect for a sweet little girl.

I used a 2″ nylon brush to cut in along the ceiling and curves of the scallops, then I filled in the middle with a mini roller.


When I’d told a few people about painting Evelyn’s room, they asked where she was while I was painting.  I’m happy to report that I am the mother to a very self-sufficient one year old who loves to independently play.  We close all the doors and gate off the top of the stairs, and she’ll play on the landing with her toys for hours like this.  She’s a happy girl!  I was listening to music while painting, and she would occasionally get up and dance.  She’d also come walk to the gate to check on me and make sure I was still in there, then go back to her toys.


I’m planning on hanging all the art we had in her old room.  And we have a special bookcase delivery coming soon from her Grandpa Burton.  But here are the scallops in their beautiful glory.





I wasn’t expecting any kind of reaction from Evelyn, but she noticed the new paint right away.  She points at the scallops and smiles all the time, especially after waking up when she’s still sitting in her bed.  I’m glad I have the 13-month-old stamp of approval on this.


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  • Heidi

    It looks so good, as always! I can’t wait to see what you do to Tiny’s room! Love you!

    • kenz

      Thanks bb. I’m REALLY excited for Tiny’s room. Love you more 🙂

  • Those scallops are so sweet! I love the color you chose!

    • kenz

      Thank you! After the gold didn’t work, I actually had a really hard time deciding what color to do. Gray? Light gray/ dark gray? Deep grape purple? But I finally landed on that color, and I’m really pleased. It’s so perfect.

  • Rita Ramstad

    Such a nice surprise to see you in my inbox! That is exactly what the lilac and mauve love child looks like. 🙂 Always love lavender and gray together. And lucky you to have such a self-sufficient girl!

    • kenz

      Thanks Rita 🙂 I feel really blessed because of Evelyn. She’s at such a great age right now, and I’m trying to soak it all up. She goes to bed and takes naps so easy. She just lays down herself without any rocking and sleeps 12-13 hour stretches at night. And when she’s awake, she plays SO well. I’m grateful to say the least!

  • I love the scallops! I especially love how perfectly they line up at all the corners/bends. Great job!

    • kenz

      Thanks Caitlin! I was so happy with how all the scallops lined up perfectly with the corners. I didn’t even plan that, haha. I guess my stencil making skills and spacial reasoning are some inherent talent I never knew I had.

  • eranfaraway

    You are such a thoughtful mama! Great work and thanks again for your honesty. It reminds me I’m not the only one with craft fails!

    • kenz

      Aw thanks Erin 🙂 I was actually debating wether or not to include it in the post. It takes a lot for me to ‘show up’ my ugly mistakes. And I’ll admit, there are other projects I’ve done that have gone so miserably, and I never found a solution, so I never blogged about them. I should though. I know I appreciate it when other people are transparent and human.

  • LOVE it! i just love your colors, too- so out of the box for me and i love!

    • kenz

      Thanks Cassie! I’ve never painted purple on a wall before, so I was pretty nervous. But I was pretty pleased with the turnout.

  • Tara @ Surburble

    Oh, that is CUTE! I love it! What a bummer that the gold didn’t work, but I love the subtle purple. It’s really lovely.

    • kenz

      I know, I was really bummed with the gold not working, but I really like the purple too. It’s such a sweet little room!

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    lookin good! and so nice that she’ll play happily while you do a little project-ing 🙂

    • kenz

      I seriously don’t know how I would ever get anything done if she wasn’t such a good little solo-player!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    How sweet! Evelyn is appreciative of her mama’s hard work! Love the color and the scallop!

    • kenz

      Thanks my friend! I like the color too. It was actually a little darker than I was expecting, but I still like the way it turned out.

  • Anu

    So so cute! Love the scallop detail and the soft colour!

    • kenz

      Thanks Anu! You’ve inspired me to use more pastels in my life 🙂

  • So pretty! And so weird about the gold paint not working. Also, it almost made me cry when I got to the part about how Evelyn will play happily while you get things done (says the mother who was actually coaching her 2 year old on how to sit through an episode of Blue’s Clues today: “look! the mail song is starting! you LOVE mail!”). BUT! I am not having another baby in a few months, so I’m generously going to choose to be happy for you instead of insanely jealous 😉

    • kenz

      haha oh Gretchen… At least you’ve got those bigger boys to help out when Abe gets really needy. I’m sure one day he’ll just realize he likes to sit and play haha. He seems to enjoy doing things at his own pace!

  • Awwww. It’s so sweet. I’m glad Evelyn already has a firm grasp on how skilled you are!

    • kenz

      haha it’s true, I’ll interpret her pointing as accolades for as long as I can!

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    It’s adorable! Love the color!

    • kenz

      Thanks Julia!

  • Mindy

    So cute! And I’m smitten with the rug and cabinet. Love, love.

    • kenz

      Thanks Mindy! The chest was passed down to me from my grandma Faye, which is where Evelyn’s middle name comes from. It’s very special!

  • JaneEllen

    That is so wonderful that Evelyn will play by herself. That’s huge gift in itself, happy for you. Only one of my 4 that did that was last one. She was never just our baby, she was more interested in her big brothers and sister. They’re all still pretty close. What an adorable photo of her playing. Happy to hear little girl will be arriving soon also. Can’t believe it’s been a year since you had Evelyn. I’ve been out of circulation, didn’t know you’d moved that much. Hope you’re staying put for while. Haven’t gotten an email from you in long time either. Glad to see your back. The scallops looks so soft and pretty with cream color. great choices.
    Happy Valentines to you and yours.

    • kenz

      Thanks JaneEllen! It’s hard for me to believe it’s been a year too. Aaron and I were looking at pictures of her from last summer, and I can’t believe how little she was! They really do grow SO fast. <3

  • That border is just so pretty. I love the subtle purple hue. Very beautiful Kenz 🙂

    • kenz

      Thanks my friend! It goes perfectly in her room 🙂

  • This is just DARLING. Love the lavender. I’m about to tackle turning my two-year olds nursery into her “big girl room” and lavender is a strong contender. BTW-Where did you find that cute gold lamp??

  • I love the color you used for the scallops – and I really like this. It’s like a fun, modern (chic) take on the wallpaper borders. Which I’m intimately familiar with. My momma loved herself a good wallpaper border.

    • kenz

      Our mamas would have been friends. She STILL has a couple rooms with wall paper borders that she’s yet to take down haha.