How to Paint Horizontal Stripes Ninja Fast!

What to Do With Left Over Paint

Total Time: start to finish 4 hours
Total Cost: $0 (I used up all our left overs)

We are making serious progress in our basement nook, and that makes me excited.  Aaron banned me from any other projects until we finish the nook, but I am disobedient 🙂

The Mr was taking his CCW class on Saturday morning from 9-1.  After he left, I thought, “I have 4 hours to do any project I want!”  I knew we had 2/3 gallon left over grey paint, some painters tape, and all the other tools necessary.

We have bigger plans for our master bed room, however, I needed a hold-over for the mean time.  An accent wall!

How To Paint Horizontal Stripes

Crappy Quality From My Cell Phone

Taping is what took the longest, and it wasn’t that bad.  I measured 14 inches down, and put lots of little tape-markers along the wall.  I connected them with long pieces of tape, leveling as I went.  Paint paint paint, and DONE!

I finished the whole project while I was watching General Conference before Aaron got home.  Quick, easy, and better looking than what was there before.

PS… Aaron was VERY surprised that I took on a painting project while he was gone.   He likes it, so that’s good 🙂





How To Paint Horizontal Stripes

old and icky... before we bought the house (courtesy of the MLS)


How To Paint Horizontal Stripes

I didn't make the bed... ignore the messy bedding from my laziness.

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