Jumping The Gun

I have a disease.  You might have it too.  Here are the symptoms:  You are extremely unsatisfied with your furniture, and you sell it because you would rather have nothing at all than half-functioning furniture.  What is the name of this disease?  I’ll tell you, because I invented it: malheureux-meublesism.  (Someone knows how to use Google Translate.)

Here’s our furniture in our old rental house.

Here it is when we moved in (excuse the shizzy phone picture, it’s all I have at this point because my room is now naked)

ugly living room

I feel like something got lost in translation.  The furniture just doesn’t fit in this space.  Something about a square peg in a round hole.  I dunno, but I hated it.  I hated it SO BAD I would rather have the room be empty.  So after Christmas, I sold all the furniture, with no real plan of what I wanted to do.  I figured living with an empty front room would cause inspiration to strike.  10 months later, the price is right, and the inspiration has struck.

There is the little awkward half-wall with two columns right between our front room and dining room.  Don’t ask my why they did that.  It’s not load bearing.  It doesn’t look pretty.  I have a feeling blind people lived in this house before the Salvation Army.  Actually, that doesn’t make sense either… wouldn’t they run into the half wall and columns?  Anyway, here is what it looks like.  (Picture provided from the MLS)  The grandma couch (which the Salvation Army was kind enough to leave behind) is blocking the half wall.  There are plans to remove that.  But in the mean time, I was thinking a cute little settee would look good there.

Ugly front room

Here’s the plan I came up with:


I really want two cute chairs in front of the window.  There is a window seat, and you would NEVER KNOW because the lunky couch was covering it.  We could throw some fun little pillows in the window seat, and use if for extra seating.

But be honest, what do you think of those colors?  I feel really color starved because the design for the basement has been layered and contrasting neutrals,  mixed materials, but no real “colors.”  We wanted it that way.  But I am aching to have some fun and bring bold colors in the front room.  I want to bring out my sense of URBAN FUNK!  Do you think that rug is too much?  I don’t.  But I could be wearing my crazy-glasses.  Sometimes they just fall over my eyes and I don’t even realize it.  I hate when that happens.  But, I figured grey furniture would tone down the colors, and if I end up hating them, at least the accessories aren’t hard to change.  Right?  Don’t laugh, but here is what it will look like (sorta) in context:

colorful living room mood board

HAHA!  I know this “mood board”  looks outrageous and oh so silly.  So I’m not skilled in compiling mood boards.  But now you know what I mean… I need little furniture in this room!  I think these will look good.  I haven’t ordered it yet though, because I want to know what you all think.  If I am crazy, I must be stopped.  So please, be hasty in stopping me.  Because their sale for FREE SHIPPING ends this weekend.  I really want to pull the trigger on my computer and click purchase.  I would really like to have somewhere to sit in my living room.

Here are the sources for what I want to buy:
Slipper Chairs
Fabric to make pillows

Thanks for your input!  If you have a better idea of what I should do, I honestly want to know!

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  • Henriette

    I love love love it! Especially the sofa and the colours in the rug 😀 my vote is *drumroll* …….purchase!

    • I am so relieved that I wasn’t wearing my crazy glasses! I’ll let you in on a secret, I went ahead and had my late night spending spree in the middle of the night 🙂 It was exhilarating lol. I can’t wait to see that rug in person!

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