Knock Off Restoration Hardware Paint: SLATE

If there’s anything you know about me so far, it’s that I have a deep and passionate (and highly inappropriate) love for Restoration Hardware.  Remember my map and my chair?  Is it a disease?  Some kind of “itis?”  Probably.  There’s no cure for people like me.  But there are support groups!

Last time we were at Restoration Hardware, I took a paint sample and put it in my wallet.  I took it to Sherwin-Williams, and together we came up with a dead on match.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, so I decided to get a few other samples:

  • analytical gray
  • cotswald (Benjamin Moore knock off)
  • mushroom

I am a FIRM BELIEVER in paint samples.  It might cost a little more up front, but SO WORTH IT.  Would you buy a car without test driving it?  If you answered yes… you’re rich and bored.  I’m neither of those.

Two things happen when I use paint samples:

1.  It shows me I was loony as august on a drunken baboon  for wanting my first choice… because it looks TERRIBLE in real life.
2.  It confirms that I really did love what I had my eye on all along.

Samples in this order: RH, analytical, cotswald, mushroom

Restoration Hardware knock off paint color SLATE

Here is the actual swatch of Restoration Hardware Slate

Restoration Hardware knock off paint color SLATE

I love the warmness in the gray.  It’s inviting and soothing.  But I wasn’t about to spend $40 + tax per can.  So I took my sample to my buddies at Sherwin-Williams.

Restoration Hardware Paint SLATE Knock Off - Sherwin-Williams

After a little “needs to be lighter” “needs to be darker” “needs to be warmer” banter, we came up with a winning paint.
We brushed some on the card, and it is a dead match.  There is only a very slight difference in sheen.  That’s it.  We don’t mess around.
It felt better than any 4.0 I got in school.

Restoration Hardware Paint SLATE Knock Off - Sherwin-Williams

If you’re interested in this color, here’s the formula to write down, or save/print this picture.  Take it to the paint counter, and they’ll know exactly how to cook up your knock off color recipe for you.  All the hard work has been done for you!

Restoration Hardware Paint SLATE Knock Off - Sherwin-Williams

I am in love with this color.  It looks beautiful in natural sunlight, and it looks beautiful in the warm glow of our lamps at night.  I could just eat it up.  But I won’t.  Seeing as how my day job is real estate compliance… I read several documents on the dangers of eating paint.  But no one says anything about the dangers of eating it up with my eyes!

Restoration Hardware Paint SLATE Knock Off - Sherwin-Williams

I was planning on doing the source list today, but I’m going to share that with you tomorrow.  Haters gonna hate.

So have you ever been so crazy about a certain color that you went to great lengths to get it color matched?


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  • I wanted a very specific shade of green for my last house. The very specific shade of green of my favorite shirt. The ACE hardware people were very nice about the whole ordeal.

    I still can’t get over how fantastic your bedroom looks.

    • Oh that’s awesome! Did you just take the shirt with you to the store? Where did you end up painting it? And did you LOVVVVE it??

      And thank you! There are still some things that need to be done, like flooring (I hate that blue carpet), and new dresser/nightstands…. but the budget only allows for a little at a time.

  • mk_marie

    It’s a night and day difference in this room! I feel like this transformation definitely fits the other rooms in a much more cohesive way AND it reflects your style well.

    I’m drooling over how that grey came out in the room! That original swatch (the online one) almost looks like it has some sort of plum undertone, but that isn’t as apparent in the picture of the swatch you took. Was that intentional or is it just my screen?

    • Oh I totally agree. It really transforms the room. Everything before was so mismatched and hideous. I still hate the blue carpet… but ya know.. “budget.”

      The original swatch from online does have a hint of plum, but it’s ever so slight on the paint chip from the RH store.

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  • Terry

    Fabulous, just in time for me to paint my kitchen in this color1

    • I’m glad you like it Terry! Be sure to send me pictures of your kitchen when you’re done! I love me a good before/after shot

  • William

    Just used this formula for my home office, and it turned out great! Thank you! Sherwin Williams had 30% off and I was able to use a $10 off $50 coupon too.

    • That’s so awesome! Great color and great deal! email me a picture and we can show off your office. interiorsbykenz(at)gmail(dot)com

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  • Sarah

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Every so often I comb the internet for a Slate knockoff and have NEVER been able to find one! I am SO happy right now! (happy dance) 😀

    • Kenz

      I’m so glad! I combed and combed and couldn’t find one either. That’s why I took matter into my own hands (and Sherwin Williams’ hands) 🙂 I’m glad the recipe will work for you. Good luck!

  • Restored Designs Inc.

    I have a client that painted an accent wall in RH Slate and I am trying to find a Sherwin Williams color that will coordinate one to two shades lighter. Thanks for posting this….!!!

    • Kenz

      You’re welcome! Good luck!

    • Michele

      Walmart paint is trash

  • Leigh

    Hi I accidentally came across your blog while searching for a color for our bedroom. Our bedroom is currently silver sage. I got a very pale whisper blue by valspar. When I put the sample on walls it is very bright, now we are not so sure. We are thinking of just going with the silver sage again. We want the bathroom and bedroom the same color. We are going for a calm space. The bathroom will have sea glass colors in tiles. Can you give us any ideas? My name is Leigh.

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  • David

    I went to Sherwin Williams and did this same match thinking I would save. It cost me $64 plus tax per can. This makes no sense – it’s cheaper to buy the real thing at RH!

    • kenz

      I guess it just depends on how you view the term “save.” When we buy paint from Sherwin Williams we always end up using far less than any other paint brand. I don’t know how RH’s paint covers, but I have a feeling (since they aren’t a paint company) that it’s not as good of paint. It may be cheaper by the gallon at RH (although I’m not sure what the actual price is right now), but in the long run, SW saved us by using far less paint. I truly feel after using several different paint brands that their coverage and quality is superior. Anyway, cheers.

    • Michele

      Emerald is SHERWIN WILLIAMS best and most expensive paint. Well over the cost of RH paint, but better quality. It cost $70 gallon now.
      The poster here, Kenz, is full of crap. The can she show (partially) is not emerald paint, but the formula label she shows it was made in the Emerald Paint. Very deceiving she is being with this advice. Plus the color match is NOT perfect, it can’t be, the colorants for tints are different. I am a professional painter for 25 years

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  • florida1

    Oh help me Lordy! I can bet you all who are writing these replies are 20-30 somethings….!!! Go to good ‘ole Walmart. For 14-16 dollars a Gallon….give them a sample from RH….have it placed in Satin. You will have a DEAD on RINGER for RH!!!!!!!!!

    • Michele

      You will not have a perfect match, the colorants are different, I am 47, with 25 years of being a professional painter, Walmart paint is trash. You pay for what you get, lol.

    • Frank

      If you think Walmart paint is good then you have never painted with a high quality paint. There is a huge difference in finish when using a cheap paint vs a high quality expensive paint.

  • Michele

    Your wall sample and actually RH sample look nothing alike above. Are you kidding? Horrible match. The formula you give is in Emerald Matte, you know this paint is $70 gal at Sherwin Williams, their most expensive product.